Thursday, December 22, 2011

I haven't been busy at all...

                                                     (Snowman Oreo cookie balls)

                                                (And of course a visit with Santa)

Did you notice the touch of sarcasm in the title? No? Well, sarcasm IS hard to relay in print.

I have been doing just a few things lately.  (Sarcasm again)

I finished this semester with straight A's.  I hate saying that because I really only took 2 classes.  So it's not like I had a bazillion courses.  But I did these two classes while taking care of 2 maniacs and working... So yeah, I guess I will be proud of that.  Next semester I am taking three classes rather than two.  I only have 25 hours left until I graduate with my bachelors and I am getting impatient.  I will attempt 9 hours this semester so I could possibly finish in 3 semesters.

I have also been working full time.  I have actually really enjoyed going back to work.  While I was staying at home I thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to like work.  But, it is indeed nice to get out of the house, dress up in nice clothes rather than sweats and visit with other adults.  And I appreciate the kiddos more when I get home.  I have Wednesdays off and I L-O-V-E that. It really breaks up the week.

Speaking of Wednesdays...  I have really been trying to save money lately.  Any amount we can save is one step closer to a house of our own.  So, I have been price comp'ing our groceries every time I go.  It really saves a lot.  And since I would look up the ads on Wednesdays, I figured why not email the deals to anyone if they want them?  So I started a list of people to send ads to each week.   It has sure taken off- I now have 37 people on that list and more are added almost daily.  I love helping people save money!!

The PRIDE group that I helped get off the ground has really been doing well also.  We just recently had a few events for Christmas.  We asked people to donate items that they do not need that are in good/great condition.  We then took those items and had a "Christmas Store".  This was a free thing- people who maybe needed clothes for their kids for the cold winter or needed toys to put under the tree this Christmas could come in and get these items.  For free, of course.  It was VERY successful and people were quite grateful.  There was also a nice article wrote up on it in the paper.  We then had a Christmas party on Saturday the 17th.  Santa came, of course.  He rode in on the fire truck.  He then passed out bags of treats to everyone (filled with oranges, peanuts in the shell, and some activities for the kiddos).  We had a pot-luck style dinner and then Santa drove around town and delivered bags to shut-ins.  What a way to make yourself feel good during the Christmas season!  All of us were as grateful for being able to help as the people that we helped.

At this event, I was approached by the Mayor for the teeny-tiny town I live in.  He wants to get some things done here, just as we do.  He asked me if I would be interested in being the reporter for the town and writing articles for a local newspaper.  I said I sure would.

I think that is mostly everything for now.  There have been lots of smaller happenings in between (we had to put a doggy to sleep and found out another one has a possible lesion on his spinal cord, the kids are growing and learning new stuff everyday, etc).  Just enough to keep me from blogging.

Until now :)