Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Times

We've been busy. And I LOVE it. So here are some updates:

Since Darek is off in the evenings now, we spend a lot of time outside. Playing, gardening, generally just wearing the kids out. It is such a huge (but great) change. I've also been making dinner nightly (with the help of Grammy some nights). I make out our menu for almost a month ahead of time and then we just go off of it. It makes grocery shopping and cooking a lot easier. We don't have to waste time thinking of what to make for supper!

I know I was SUPPOSED to run my first non-stop 5k last weekend. But, you see, I didn't. We had a wedding come up and it was really cold outside so I decided to skip it. I figured it wasn't too terrible since I run at least a 5K usually 3 times a week. (On the treadmill, that is.) And I have officially lost over 20 lbs. I feel great.

A long time ago I also wrote about trying to get out of debt. As you know, we sold our house and are living with my parents. This has allowed us to pay off 3 credit cards so far. I am so proud. We have also added to our savings. AND I have come up with a plan to where we can pay off our "large" credit card in 5 months, another store one in less than 3, and then the very last one in about 2 months. If we can accomplish this then the only debt we will have is our car and our student loans.

Speaking of student loans- I am officially enrolled at ESU this summer. My class starts on June 13th. I am just taking one this summer- Spanish I. Then I will go full-time online this fall, and then full time this spring. I found info on the daycare at the college and I might just enroll the kiddos in the spring. I think it would be good for them (and me). Anyway, if I can earn my degree it will be a Bachelors of Arts in Modern Languages with a Concentration in Spanish. Whoa, thats a mouthfull.

I think that might be it for now. I probably forgot something I am sure. But that will give me an excuse to blog again soon, right?

Monday, May 09, 2011

The best 57lbs I can carry...

Happy late Mother's day! I hope everyone had a great one.

Mine was pretty spectacular. We didn't do anything too special- we went to lunch at Jason's deli (and Carter stole my sandwich), visited Mimi at work and then played at the park. But that is exactly what made it so great. We are all healthy, we can do all those things and we are all together.

Anyway, its bedtime. Goodnight!