Friday, May 30, 2014

Comp Lists 5/28-6/03

Here are the Comp Lists for this week! I wanted to once again say "thank you" to the nice ladies who put these together for everyone to use.  We all appreciate it.

Just a note- there is no Atchison list for this week.



Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Nikki) Excel:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Comp Lists 5/14-5/20

Hello, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well.  I don't have much to say- just one bit of info to pass along.  The ladies all noted that the ads weren't the greatest this week....  Most stores will be gearing up for their Memorial Day sales so be patient! There will be some good deals next week, I am sure.  

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, May 08, 2014

Comp Lists 5/07-5/13

Hello, everyone!

For better or for worse, it is almost summer break for the maniacs! Stock your fridges accordingly.  :)

Last week (or maybe the week before?) I had mentioned an app that someone had suggested I try.  Well, I FINALLY had the first chance to use it yesterday and it seemed to work pretty well.  The app is called "Checkout 51".  This kind of reminds me of couponing but backwards.  You check out what the offers are for the current week.  If any of them match what is on your shopping list then you take photos of your receipt when you are done (the app does it for you- you just line it up).  It submits it and you get your credit.  Once you reach $20 you can get your check!  So, for example, this week's offers include 1 gallon of milk and Kellogg's Special K protein meal bars.  These are 2 things I buy regularly so I marked those and scanned in my receipt after I purchased them.  I got $1.50 credit for just those 2 things.  It's pretty easy!

That's it for tonight! Have a good week! 

 Emily Graves

Ottawa Area Comp List 5/07 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Area Comp List 5/07 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Area Comp List 5/07 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Area Comp List 5/07 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 5/07 (Nikki) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 5/07 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 5/07 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Comp Lists 4/30-5/06

Happy May Day!

I had a co-worker tip me off to an App that is great for grocery shopping... I will be testing it out this week.  I will pass on the info next week if it is as good as it sounds!

Anyway, here are the comp lists for this week.  As always, thank you to the ladies that take the time to put these together.  We appreciate you! 

 Emily Graves


Ottawa Comp List (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List (Nikki) PDF:

Atchison Comp List (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List (Kim) Excel: