Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comp List 10/30-11/05

Good afternoon/morning/evening/whenever it is that you are looking at this!

It is almost time to start getting ready for the good holiday deals! I can't wait.  I don't have too much to say about the comp list today but I did want to share information on placing an ad.  I have a lot of people ask about it:

The ads are $10 for the 1/4-page to 1/2-page sized ads and $20 for the full-page ads.  If you decide to place an ad, you just email me the ad you want put on the list (if you do full-page please have it in landscape format) and I will get it put on there. I will then send out an invoice via PayPal for the amount you owe.  You can pay through PayPal or you can send me a check if you prefer!  I have 4,500 people on the Yahoo! Group, thousands that see it on Facebook, and right around 20,000 views on my blog each week.  So your ad will definitely be seen! Email me at if you have any questions.

Anyway, let's get on with the deals... Happy Shopping! And Happy Halloween!

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Comp List 10/30-11/05 (PDF)
Comp List 10/30-11/05 (Excel)

Our Ad Match Guarantee
Sample Grocery List

Moons (10/30-11/05):

Checkers (10/30-11/05):

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comp List 10/23-10/30

Hello, everyone!

I know how you all just L-O-V-E my generic responses to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the comp list (said in my sarcastic voice...) so I have to do just one more!  

I, Emily Graves aka "The Comp List Lady", am NOT an employee of Walmart.  Walmart does not pay me for the list (even though I *really* wish they would) and I do NOT send it to them before everyone else so they can pull everything off of the shelf.  I contact the store when I have questions about the list (like if a policy changes) but that is about the extent of our communication.  I do not have any sort of "deal" with them.  In fact, Walmart probably hates me. *sigh*

Anyway, I thought I would clear that up for people.  That is the latest rumor I have been having to squash lately so I figured I would do it on a larger scale! And Walmart, if you are reading this and want to buy me out of the comp list, I will set my price at a very reasonable $1 million.  You know how to reach me.

I also wanted to thank everyone for the messages I get each week.  A lot of times I don’t get a chance to respond to everyone but I love meeting you and hearing your stories.  Thank you!

Happy Shopping!

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Moons (10/23-10/29): 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Comp List 10/16-10/22

Hello, everyone!

I don't have too much to say this week (or rant about, if you will).  The ads weren't the best but that doesn't surprise me- stores will be gearing up for holiday sales.  It's a great time of year for shopping!

The only other thing I want to mention is that there is still a way to get the list via email if you would prefer to have it that way.  I figured out the easiest way to join the comp list: just send an email (a blank one is just fine) to  You will then get a confirmation email back- just hit "reply" and send- again, you don't have to put anything in the message.  That will get you on the Yahoo! group email list.  Let me know if you have any questions about that- I can try to help!

Anyway, let's get on with the deals. Happy Shopping!

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Moons (10/16-10/22):

Baldwin City Market (10/16-10/22):




Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Comp List 10/09-10/15

Hello, everyone!

I had a bit of a Eureka! moment this week.  I was really frustrated last week and had pretty much just had it with the comp list.  But, I think I have found a solution (thanks to a few suggestions)!  I am no longer going to email the comp list out manually.  There are several different ways you can get the list and by me not sending them out it will save me about 10 hours per week.  That is huge!  So, if you absolutely have to have the list via email then you will want to sign up for the yahoo! group.  The good thing about this is that it will send the list out to you (to your email account) for me.  As soon as I "approve" my own message then it sends it out to everyone all at once- so no waiting.  Here is the link to join:

** To get the list through the Yahoo! Group go here:
     - You can also go to my blog and on the left hand side you will see Yahoo! Group Email: Join my Yahoo! Group to receive this via email.  You can just enter your email address in the box to join!

Again, if you are wanting the list to go to your email you have to sign up through the yahoo! group!  This will be the last week that I am sending the list out manually! If you have any questions or concerns just let me know.

And don't forget- you can still get it from my blog: and/or by "friending" me on Facebook: or whatever-ing me on Twitter @CompListLady.  

I am truly sorry if this inconveniences anyone!  I am, however, quite excited for this change.  :) 

OH! And I am coming close to 500,000 views on my blog! Woohoo!  I happen to have the inside scoop on a giveaway that will be happening within the next month- watch the blog for details!

Happy Shopping :)

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Moons (10/09-10/15):


Baldwin City Market (10/09-10/15):


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Comp List 10/02-10/08

Hello, everyone!

Just a few reminders... I don't want these to come across as being rude- I just want to be short with them because I am EXHAUSTED!

1.  I am not sure why you can't open the comp list on your computer/cell phone/ tablet or whatever you are trying to use.  I wish I could spend more time helping you but I just don't have time and I really have no idea why anyone would be having a problem.  My only suggestion is to try a different method- if you can't open the link I post on my blog, try the one on Facebook, or Twitter, or in the email.  Hopefully you can get it to work! 

2.  Some stores will still match store brand items.  Most will not but there are some out there that will.  It is part of Walmart's corporate policy that they DO NOT match store brand items so don't be surprised if your store stops matching them in the future! (And you don't have to message me if your store does or does not- I have lost track and have given up.  lol)

3.  I am very sorry but I cannot add your cat's favorite brand of cat food or your Aunt's favorite candy bar to the comp list.  If I added everything that everyone messaged me I would have to quit my job, sell my children on the black market, and ONLY do the list.  Fortunately, I am not willing to do any of those things so I will just have to stick to the items I put on regularly.  I try to find the best deals but I am sure I miss A LOT.  Feel free to look up the ads if you are looking for something specific! 

4.  I cannot get the comp list out any sooner than I do.  I know you go grocery shopping at 2am on Wednesday morning and NEED the comp list then.  But since I have started working on Wednesdays I cannot get the list out any earlier than about 9:00pm (and even that is pushing it).  

5.  Oh, and I am also not sure where your comp list is.  I get so many messages each week about a missing comp list.  So many, in fact, that I stop checking my messages throughout the week and try to catch up on the weekends.  But, if you are having issues receiving the list, please be aware that there are several ways to get the list (and don't forget to check your "spam" folder):

** You can access the comp list by joining my Yahoo! Group:
     (This will send the list to you via email but it will send it to you much faster than I can manually!)

You can see it each week by accessing it on my blog:
     (I post it on my blog as soon as I am done with it so you can view it Wednesday night.)

I post it on Facebook each week- you can find me at:

And I also post it on Twitter- @CompListLady

Ok, folks.  I think that is it for now! I hope those didn't come across as short or "snappy"- I don't mean them to be that way.  I am just trying to address several messages all at once.  Thank you for using the list and keep spreading it around!

Anyway, Happy shopping!

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Comp List 10/02-10/08
Comp List 10/02-10/08 (Excel)


Moons (10/02-10/08):

Baldwin City Market (10/02-10/08):