Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comp List 10/30-11/05

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It is almost time to start getting ready for the good holiday deals! I can't wait.  I don't have too much to say about the comp list today but I did want to share information on placing an ad.  I have a lot of people ask about it:

The ads are $10 for the 1/4-page to 1/2-page sized ads and $20 for the full-page ads.  If you decide to place an ad, you just email me the ad you want put on the list (if you do full-page please have it in landscape format) and I will get it put on there. I will then send out an invoice via PayPal for the amount you owe.  You can pay through PayPal or you can send me a check if you prefer!  I have 4,500 people on the Yahoo! Group, thousands that see it on Facebook, and right around 20,000 views on my blog each week.  So your ad will definitely be seen! Email me at if you have any questions.

Anyway, let's get on with the deals... Happy Shopping! And Happy Halloween!

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Comp List 10/30-11/05 (PDF)
Comp List 10/30-11/05 (Excel)

Our Ad Match Guarantee
Sample Grocery List

Moons (10/30-11/05):

Checkers (10/30-11/05):

Baldwin City Market (10/30-11/05):



Marigene said...

Thanks for doing all the work to make grocery shopping a little more pleasant!

Meagan said...

I shopped at the Ottawa, KS Wal-mart today (10-31-13) and my cashier said that this Wal-mart will no longer price match ads from Save-A-Lot and Red X. I asked her when this policy took effect and she said 2 days ago (Tuesday). I asked why and she said because they 'never receive the ads and thus can't verify the prices'. Just thought you might want to know!

kristi collins said...

they have to comp it if you take in the ad. so call these two stores and get on their mailing list it is free and then they will have to comp those ads. I think that the ottawa location makes up there own rules for comping because they are the only store here besides country mart who has to jack up prices to compete with wal mart at all. call the wal mart corporate offices and file a complaint against the ottawa wal mart if they refuse to comp off of the prepared comp list because they too have a copy of said list. thank you so much for all your hard work.

Polly Barker said...

Thank you for all your hard work on these lists! I heard a rumor today that Chanute would only honor ads within 25 miles. Does anyone know if this is a fact?

Trena McKinsey said...

Just an FYI to all in se Kansas that have been using comp list was told tonight in chanute and surrounding areas they will no longer accept the comp list store ad must be within 25 miles of Walmart u are shopping at so I don't know about anyone else but once again I am NOT going to shop at Walmart.

Trena McKinsey said...

Just checked out there myself and they said they will no toner honor the comp list ad must be from store within 25 miles of Chanute so I wrote a letter of complaint to corporate I recommend everyone due the same thing.

Sally said...

Ottawa store told me they aren't accepting Red X or Sav-a-lot because they are outside the store's area. What have other people heard?

Nena Stevens said...

the Wal-Mart in Chanute Kansas is still accepting the comp list but soon they will only be accepting stores within a 25 mile area on the comp list and that will include Chanute,iola,humboldt,erie,yates center,thayer,parsons,fredonia moran,neodasha there are a lot of stores in this 25 mile area I have done my time checking it all out on the maps and then when I went to Wal-Mart I went right to the main people and asked and that was what they said also they will be putting up signs as to any more changes

Anonymous said...

Hello.I just wanted to let people know that wal marts can make their own rules.they have every say in what ads they take or what you can comp on.and really you should just be happy that they are doing it at all.they dont have to let you change the price.I think it is a nasty trick they are pulling.all the mom and pop stores are losing customers.I know it saves time but you should helping the underdogs rather than the fat a cashier I hear all the time "I hate walmart I'm never coming back"but I always see them again

Adult Toys Kc said...

Keep up the great work, greatly appreciated thanx