Saturday, December 13, 2014

Comp Lists 12/10-12/16

Good morning, everyone!

Here is a very short (kind of) Comp List for this week.  Its been a crazy week so I haven't been able to look up all the stores.  (I put Price Chopper, Hyvee and Dillons on here this week but missed all of the others.)  But I figured this is better than nothing!  

I will try to do one next week and then won't on Christmas Eve.  And thank you to the ladies that do the lists for Iola, Chanute and Atchison!! You guys are AWESOME!




Friday, November 14, 2014

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Comp Lists 11/05-11/11

Hello, everyone~

Here are the lists for this week.  There are some great ads so there are a lot of deals to be had for this week!  I was able to type mine up this week so just a reminder: the lines highlighted in gray are deals that end BEFORE 11/11.  So please just double check the ad dates on those items before you checkout.  :)

Have a great week!


Comp List 11/05-11/11 (Em) PDF:

Comp List 11/05-11/11 (Em) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 11/05-11/11 (Kim) Excel:

Iola Comp List 11/05-11/11 (Susie) PDF:

Chanute Comp List 11/05-11/11 (Susie) PDF:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Comp Lists 10/15-10/21

Hello again, everyone!

Here are the lists for this week.  As you can see, someone stepped up to take over the list for the Iola area.  So that one is included this week.  It looks like she is doing a great job.  :)

I don't really have anything else, so have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Comp Lists 10/01-10/07

Hello, everyone!

It seems like I JUST DID one of these and here it is, that time of week once again.  Yeesh.  

I did want to say that a lot of the deals that I listed on my version (the handwritten one) are from Price Chopper.  If you have one close by, you might want to do your shopping there.  They had some GREAT deals on store-brand items that you cannot comp at Walmart.  Also, because these things are on sale, they usually stock up on them and don't run out like some other place I know... Ahem.  And if they are out, they will write you a rain check.  Win-win!

Anyway, I think that is it for now.  OH! I did forget.  The lists look a little slim this week.  Last week I had mentioned that there would no longer be anyone doing a list for the Iola area.  So there is no Iola Comp List this week! (Or future weeks unless someone decides to do it.)

See you next week!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Comp Lists 9/24-9/30

Happy Friday!

Here are the lists for this week... Deals are just ok.  

I do have a note to pass along for the Iola folks:  

This will be the last comp list for a while unless someone else volunteers to take over this time consuming task. Nikki Peters has volunteered to help anyone get started. It's been great to help you all, but we are just getting too busy. Wal-mart also has the savings catcher if you go online to register. Information has been at bottom of receipts. Let us know if you can volunteer for a while!

I think that is it for now!  Have a great week! (Yes, me weeks run Wednesday to Tuesday.  Haha.)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Comp Lists 9/17-9/23

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.  The ads weren't the best for this week.  Dillon's had some great deals but they were "Digital Coupon" offers.  I do not believe that Walmart will match those so I left them off.  Also, Price Chopper is having a 4 day sale- the ad isn't shown online at the moment and I saw it after I had finished my handwritten list.  Many of the deals are their store brand items, anyway.  But it may be worth checking!

Also, I wanted to give an update on the Walmart "Savings Catcher" situation.  I have been using it in the Walmart app on my phone.  I have "tested" it a few times to see what it would catch.  It misses most of the deals.  BUT, last week I did my normal price matching then when I got home I scanned the receipts just for the heck of it.  I got back $1.37! So, if you are wanting to save money, don't stop comping.  But it doesn't hurt to scan in your receipt when you are done.  :)

And this is the last chance I get to mention it so here you go: My handsome 6-year old son is having a fundraiser.  He has set his goals *rather* high- he wants to sell 99 items.  And the due date is 9/22.  (And we aren't even close.) Haha.  Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing from his school's fundraiser, go to: and enter in his ID # which is 7411555.  What do you get out of this? Well, nothing really.  But the excitement of a 6-year old.  And maybe a hug from me the next time I see you.  Or a fist-bump, if you prefer.  :)

Have a great week!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Comp Lists 9/10-9/16

Good morning!!

Here are the lists for this week.  And, mainly because I CAN bug you, let me give you my spiel... (Insert me clearing my throat here.)

My handsome 6-year old son is having a fundraiser.  He has set his goals *rather* high- he wants to sell 99 items.  So far, we are at 5.  With 10 days to go.  Haha.  Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing from his school's fundraiser, go to: and enter in his ID # which is 7411555.  What do you get out of this? Well, nothing really.  But the excitement of a 6-year old.  And maybe a hug from me the next time I see you.  Or a fist-bump, if you prefer.  :)

Have a good week(end)!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Comp Lists 9/03-9/09

Hello, everyone~

Here are the Comp Lists I have received for this week.  There are some decent deals out there.... Enjoy!

 Emily Graves

Ottawa (and surrounding areas) Comp List 9/03-9/09 (Em) PDF:

Iola Comp List 9/03-9/09 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 9/03-9/09 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 9/03-9/09 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 9/03-9/09 (Kim) Excel:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Comp Lists 8/27-9/02

Hello, everyone!
We made it to the long weekend! I hope you get to enjoy it.  Here are the lists I have received for this week.  Many of the stores will probably be having short sales for the upcoming holiday so you might watch out for special flyers to get those deals! 

See you next week.  :)

 Emily Graves

Ottawa Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Melissa) Excel:

Iola Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 8/27-9/02 (Kim) Excel:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Comp Lists 8/20-8/26

Good morning, everyone!  

Here are the comp lists for this week.  Nothing extraordinary but the usual stuff is on sale, which I can't complain too much about.  :)  Dillon's had some great sales with a digital coupon offer but I left those off this week.  They are in a gray area with Walmart's coupon policy so I didn't include them.  But, if you are near a Dillon's, you might check out their ad and stop for those deals!

Have a great weekend!

 Emily Graves


Ottawa Comp List- Handwritten- 8/20-8/26 (Em) PDF:

Iola Comp List 8/20-8/26 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 8/20-8/26 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 8/20-8/26 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 8/20-8/26 (Kim) Excel:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Comp Lists 8/13-8/19

Good morning, everyone!

Here are the comp lists for this week.  There are a couple of messages to pass along, as well.  Here you go:

For Ottawa area folks: 

I wanted to let anyone who might be interested in Cub Scouts to know that there is an informational meeting and to sign up for all 1st to 5th graders and their parents next week. If you are interested in scouting but cannot attend one of the meetings give me a call or send me (Melissa) an email (  The meetings will all start at 7pm.  Listed below are the dates for each school here in Ottawa.
Garfield Aug 26
Eugene Field Aug 27
Lincoln Aug 28

And for the Iola area folks:

THIS SATURDAY AT SONIC IHS cheerleaders will be washing cars at SONIC 12-5 accepting donations for Haunt for Hirschsprung's that is THIS Saturday! 

That's it for now- Have a great rest of the week!

 Emily Graves


Ottawa Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Melissa) Excel:

Iola Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 8/13-8/19 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Comp Lists 8/06-8/12

Hello, everyone!

Here are the comp lists for this week.  There were some pretty good ads out there so hopefully you can grab some deals! 

I know a while back I had mentioned the Savings Catcher from Walmart.  Well, it hadn't expanded to our area yet when I tried it a few weeks ago.  I think it is more widespread now so I am giving it another shot.  They have also created an app for your smartphone that you can use to just scan your receipt and earn some money back.  Hopefully it works!

 Emily Graves


Iola Comp List 8/06-8/12 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 8/06-8/12 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 8/06-8/12 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 8/06-8/12 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Comp Lists 7/30-8/05

Hello, everyone-

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having! We managed to make it to Worlds of Fun this week for my son's 6th birthday without roasting to death.  :)

There are some decent deals out there this week- found some good deals on produce.  There are some stores that are having back to school sales on school supplies so if you are looking to comp those you might want to check the ads from this week.  (There are so many items and so many different brands that I try to not even touch that.)

Anyway, I think that is all I have to say for now.  Good luck on getting some deals!



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comp Lists 7/23-7/29

Hello, everyone!

Here are the lists I have received for the week.  Once again, I made a quick hand-written one for Ottawa Walmart.  The deals weren't great this week so it is kind of puny.  But I suppose it works! 

Anyway, thank you to the ladies who put together the other lists- everyone appreciates it!

Have a great rest of the week.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comp Lists 7/16-7/22

Hello, everyone!

Here are the lists I have so far this week.  I had some time over lunch to make a quick one for Ottawa.  It's not in Excel- its handwritten and only includes some of the best deals I saw in the ads.  I won't be able to make one every week but whenever I do, I will post it.  

I will add the other lists as I receive them.  I am also attaching a picture that was sent to me of the rules Ottawa's Walmart follows.  I hope this helps clear up some confusion!

Have a good rest of the week!

 Emily Graves

Ottawa Comp List 7/16-7/22 (Em) PDF ONLY:

Iola Comp List 7/16-7/22 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 7/16-7/22 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 7/16-7/22 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 7/16-7/22 (Kim) Excel:

Picture of Ottawa's "Rules":

Friday, July 11, 2014

Comp Lists 7/09-7/15

Hello, everyone!

Melissa had asked me to pass along a message from the Store Manager at Walmart in Ottawa: 

We still comp with Ottawa,Lawrence, Baldwin City, Garnett, Gardner, Osawatomie, Paola, and Olathe. Pretty much the same as was, Olathe and Lawrence have quite a few competitors. In Olathe they only comp there and OP. We go a little farther out but we want to include more competitors by honoring these areas.
Nothing has changed with Ad Matching, we will have the ads and customers are not required to provide.
Give me a call if you have any more questions, be happy to visit. Thanks

Andy Fisher, Store Manager

​I know there had been some question as to where Ottawa Walmart will/will not match from and if you have the ads.  We hope this clears that up!  She also asked me to let everyone know that the list might not get done on Wednesdays anymore- she will get it done ASAP but with kiddos and crazy lives, it is not always possible to get it done.  It may be Thursday or Friday or not at all. So bear with us and I will send out a separate email for the Ottawa list if necessary.  ​

​Have a great week!​

Emily Graves

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 7/09-7/15 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Comp Lists 7/02-7/08

Hello, everyone!

Here are the lists I have received for this week.  I looked up some ads on Wednesday and it looks like there are some good deals out there... 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July! :)



Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 7/02-7/08 (Rosann) PDF:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Comp Lists 6/25-7/01

Here are the Comp Lists for this week.  Have a great weekend!

(And I will work on getting links posted on the side of my page for both ads and the Facebook pages where I get these lists.  This will happen soon!)




Ottawa Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Nikki-Lisa) PDF:

Iola Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Nikki-Lisa) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 6/25-7/01 (Kim) Excel:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Comp Lists 6/18-6/24

Hello, everyone!

Sorry this is so late.  We just purchased a house and have been spending the whole week painting and getting it ready for us to move in! It has made for a lot of very late nights and sore body parts.  :)

Anyway, here are the lists for this week!  I had a few inquiries about lists for other areas.  These are the only lists that I know of in our area- or the only ones that are shared.  A while back there were a few more (like one for Overland Park) but I don't receive any of those anymore so either the person(s) stopped making them or has stopped sending them to me.  If I hear of any new ones I will attach them! 

Have a good weekend!

 Emily Graves

Ottawa Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 6/18-6/24 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Comp Lists 6/11-6/17

Hello, everyone!

Here are the comp lists for this week.  I haven't seen one for Ottawa yet but don't despair, Ottawa folks.  Take a look at the Emporia area list- some of the stores are the same.  If you don't recognize the name of the store, though, don't try to comp from it.  If I see that Melissa puts a list out tonight or tomorrow then I will send it out in a second message.

Have a great weekend!

 Emily Graves

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 6/11-6/17 (Kim) Excel:

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Comp Lists 6/04-6/10

Hello, everyone!

I have one thing I wanted to pass along... I don't know any information about it other than what the article says.  Check it out here:

It sounds like they have expanded their program nationwide now so give it a shot if you get a chance! Let me know what you think!  Go here to sign up and find details: . 

Have a great week!

 Emily Graves

Ottawa Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Nikki) Excel:

Atchison Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Kim) PDF:

Atchison Comp List 6/04-6/10 (Kim) Excel:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Comp Lists 5/28-6/03

Here are the Comp Lists for this week! I wanted to once again say "thank you" to the nice ladies who put these together for everyone to use.  We all appreciate it.

Just a note- there is no Atchison list for this week.



Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 5/28-6/03 (Nikki) Excel: