Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ok, so I know for some of you this is a re-post but since I have had so many new people added to the Comp List recently I thought it might be good to go over some of the highlights of the blog.

This ginormous arrow points to one of the cool features I have on here.  Feast your eyes upon our menu for the week (I try to do a month at a time, usually).  We try to follow this each week and it makes grocery shopping MUCH easier than trying to decide in the store what you are going to make for supper.    I also find it makes for a cheaper shopping trip- if you know what is on the menu for the week you tend to spend less on random stuff.

I do have two young children and we don't have much time to prepare foods so a lot of the meals are quick and easy for those reasons.  But I hope you might still find it helpful if you ever are stuck on what to make for dinner!  (Another fun thing is have each of your children to have their own "night"- they get to choose what is on the menu for that night.  No one else can complain!)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Quick Shopping Tip

I wanted to take a minute to share with you one of my favorite price comp shopping tips.  Invest in these: 

I have found that it is a little difficult at checkout paying attention to two screaming children (who are pulling things off of those stupid little shelves that are conveniently enough in reach) while trying to keep the comp stuff separate from the regular priced items and making sure the cashier rings them up at the appropriate price.

That's where these little stickers come in handy.  They are just the little stickers you would buy for garage sale items or whatever.  But take a sharpie and write the price you are paying for the item on there while you are shopping, stick it on, and its a lifesaver.  (Ok, money-saver)