Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013

Did the most recent snow storms leave you with tree limbs scattered around your yard? Call the Peej Tree!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comp List 2/27-3/05

**UPDATE** I fixed a price that was incorrect.  I had the Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers down as $1.00 when they are really $1.99!**

Hello, everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying your snow days (if you got any)!  I hope you had stocked up on the good deals in the previous weeks so you didn't have to get out too much in this mess.

I did want to tell everyone that if you have a Walgreen's close by you might want to stop and buy your milk there (if you don't have an Aldi's close by, that is!)- it is usually $2.99 for the Roberts brand there.  This week it is shown on the front of the Walgreen's ad but it says "One Gallon Milk" like it always does rather than Roberts milk so you can't comp it at Walmart.  (Insert sad face here)  But, if you live near one you might consider purchasing your milk there!

I also found a few good deals from Family Dollar this week.  They are shown as an "in store coupon" so I am attaching them to this list in case you want to print them out.  Many stores will not require you to print them but some might!

One last thing- my blog has a new look this week! I have been wanting to change it up some but I never have enough time.  The snow day yesterday helped some!  I was able to put up a new background and header.  It isn't perfect but I like it for now!  Oh, and I almost forgot- as of right now (ok, 10:06pm on 2/26) I am 66 people away from having 5,000 on the list.  So by next week I should hit the magical number! To celebrate I will be having a series of giveaways.  So far, I will be having drawings for Scentsy, Avon, Tastefully Simple, As Good As New, Pampered Chef, Keim Bakery, and much more!  I will post details about how to enter next week so keep watching!

Anyway, be careful in the snow and happy shopping!

Emily Graves



Moons (2/27-3/05):


Baldwin (2/27-3/05):


Walgreens (2/24-3/02):

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comp List 2/20-2/26

Hello, everyone!

I have had a great response to the giveaways so far! I can't wait.  I am wanting to have the items hopefully gathered up by about March 1st that way I can get the drawings going.  This should be fun! Anyway, if you are interested in donating something that you make or something your business would like to donate (gift certificates, samples, etc.) then let me know! I am trying to get as many as possible- a whole month of giveaways would be AWESOME!

I am still working on calling local stores to update the policy page to attach to this.  I am making some progress! Hopefully I can wrap that up soon (it would have been done a long time ago but when you call and ask for the manager they like to give you the runaround!) Thank you for being patient.

Also, please be sure to pay attention to the ad dates this week- there are several 4 day sales and some 2 day ones, as well.  Some of the items had some decent deals for the regular ad dates, also, so I put both prices on here.  

Be safe in the snow and Happy Shopping!

 Emily Graves 



Moons (2/20-2/26):

Baldwin City Market (2/20-2/26):

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comp List 2/13-2/19

Hi again, everyone!

As I type this I have Valentine's Day on the brain.  I spent most of my evening making little presents for my son who is 4 years old- this will be his first 'school' Valentines Day party!  Remember how much fun it was to go to school on Valentine's day and give treats to your friends and see what you would get?!? I just love it!  Such a special time- enjoy the love(s) in your life!

Anyway, I would like to thank all of the individuals/businesses that have placed ads on the comp list.  I really appreciate it! It is a great way to get your name out there (especially since I am nearing 4,800 people on the list now!).  And if you usually don't check out the ads on the last few pages, please do!  There are some great local businesses you might not know about.  They also run specials every now and then so be sure to always take a look at the ads!

One more thing:  I am getting closer to having 5,000 people on the list! I would like to do a give-away (or multiple give-aways over a period of time) to celebrate!  If you would like to donate anything from your business to have a drawing to give it away (and a little advertising in the process) please email me at and let me know! I think it would be a lot of fun!

Happy Shopping!

Emily Graves



Moons (2/13-2/19):

Checkers (2/13-2/19):

Baldwin City Market (2/13-2/19):



Friday, February 08, 2013

I know you are here for the comp list BUT....

Have you checked THIS out?

I always have a hard time trying to think of what to make for dinner. In the same boat?  Cool.  

So to make things a bit easier for all of us, I posted our menus through the first part of June.  Following a menu can really help cut down your grocery bill! And you can look a week or two ahead and purchase the items when they are on comp.  Plus, your family isn't eating the same thing every other night!

Most (ok, all) of the recipes are quite simple.  I did throw a few new ones in there that we haven't tried yet.  I put one new crockpot recipe per week on the menu- who doesn't love how easy it is to cook in a crockpot??

Anyway, if there is something on the menu that you aren't sure how to make but would like to the recipe, just click on the food item. (For example, on March 7th I posted "Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings."  If you click on that it opens up the details and I posted the link where I found the recipe.)

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your meals in the near future!

And if you are STILL only here for the comp list, you can find it on the post below!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Comp List 2/06-2/12

Hello again, everyone!

It is that time once again...The weeks just seem to fly by! The ads have been pretty repetitive lately- the same things have been on sale over and over again. BUT, this week I saw something that surprised me a little. Dillon's has their gallon milk on sale for $1.99! If you live near a Dillons or will be traveling by one you might stop and grab some! I will be interested to see if those Walmart stores that will still match store brands will match this price or not. I know some are starting to say they won't comp Aldi's milk so we will see about this one!

Anyway, I think that is it for now. Happy Shopping!

Emily Graves



Thriftway (2/06-2/12): No ad was listed when I looked!

Baldwin City Market (2/06-2/12):