Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comp List 2/20-2/26

Hello, everyone!

I have had a great response to the giveaways so far! I can't wait.  I am wanting to have the items hopefully gathered up by about March 1st that way I can get the drawings going.  This should be fun! Anyway, if you are interested in donating something that you make or something your business would like to donate (gift certificates, samples, etc.) then let me know! I am trying to get as many as possible- a whole month of giveaways would be AWESOME!

I am still working on calling local stores to update the policy page to attach to this.  I am making some progress! Hopefully I can wrap that up soon (it would have been done a long time ago but when you call and ask for the manager they like to give you the runaround!) Thank you for being patient.

Also, please be sure to pay attention to the ad dates this week- there are several 4 day sales and some 2 day ones, as well.  Some of the items had some decent deals for the regular ad dates, also, so I put both prices on here.  

Be safe in the snow and Happy Shopping!

 Emily Graves 



Moons (2/20-2/26):

Baldwin City Market (2/20-2/26):

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Marigene said...

Thanks, Emily!