Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comp List 2/27-3/05

**UPDATE** I fixed a price that was incorrect.  I had the Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers down as $1.00 when they are really $1.99!**

Hello, everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying your snow days (if you got any)!  I hope you had stocked up on the good deals in the previous weeks so you didn't have to get out too much in this mess.

I did want to tell everyone that if you have a Walgreen's close by you might want to stop and buy your milk there (if you don't have an Aldi's close by, that is!)- it is usually $2.99 for the Roberts brand there.  This week it is shown on the front of the Walgreen's ad but it says "One Gallon Milk" like it always does rather than Roberts milk so you can't comp it at Walmart.  (Insert sad face here)  But, if you live near one you might consider purchasing your milk there!

I also found a few good deals from Family Dollar this week.  They are shown as an "in store coupon" so I am attaching them to this list in case you want to print them out.  Many stores will not require you to print them but some might!

One last thing- my blog has a new look this week! I have been wanting to change it up some but I never have enough time.  The snow day yesterday helped some!  I was able to put up a new background and header.  It isn't perfect but I like it for now!  Oh, and I almost forgot- as of right now (ok, 10:06pm on 2/26) I am 66 people away from having 5,000 on the list.  So by next week I should hit the magical number! To celebrate I will be having a series of giveaways.  So far, I will be having drawings for Scentsy, Avon, Tastefully Simple, As Good As New, Pampered Chef, Keim Bakery, and much more!  I will post details about how to enter next week so keep watching!

Anyway, be careful in the snow and happy shopping!

Emily Graves



Moons (2/27-3/05):


Baldwin (2/27-3/05):


Walgreens (2/24-3/02):

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Marigene said...

Again, many thanks for doing all this work for the rest of us, Emily!