Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, Whine-1-1? This is Emily again.

I need to write a whiney post today. Sorry. And it's pictureless to top it all off.

You see, I am still not getting much sleep at night. Do I need to remind you why?? My space on my side of the bed is decreasing, even as my girth is increasing. Carter has been doing pretty well about sleeping in his own bed, but every once in a while he sneaks back in a mere hour after we put him in his room. And if he doesnt? Well, then, I am up every few hours to make sure he is still breathing.

And did I mention my extreme hip pain? I should mention it to my Dr. I am sure, but when I get to my appointments I am like a smiling idiot robot that can only nod and say "Everything is going great!". Because I dont want to whine to a complete stranger, just to you guys. I'm nice like that. Except that stranger isn't really a stranger, she is my Dr. who has seens lots more of me than most people.

I feel kind of sorry for myself now, so I'm going to go take a nap :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(A dark view of my bedroom this morning)

This morning has been a bit different then other mornings lately. Last night, mom stopped by and Carter went to stay the night at her house. So, I am minus a child and the kicks in the head and spine that comes along with him after he sneaks into our bed at 2am or so.

Another difference? The BEAUTIFUL weather. So beautiful that I typed that all in capital letters. Did you notice? Anyway, it is 58 degrees outside. If I could capitalize numbers I would have just then. And those 58 degrees felt just right with our window open all night and the ceiling fan on. When I get out of the shower this morning I will get chilly- not instantly sweaty again (tmi, I know).

Oh, and Darek had to leave for Buzzards a bit earlier than usual to receive one of our trucks. So that means I am all alone in a quiet, cool house.

What did I do, you might be asking? I did what any normal person would do in the same situation- I ran downstairs, got some Nutty Bars and a bottle of water, ran back upstairs to get under the covers and eat breakfast in bed.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping Day!

(The super cute purse I bought- it was $50- got it for $19)

(Can't go wrong with little girl tights!)

(Jeans for Carter this fall- I got them for $10/pair then 25% off that. Not bad.)

(My favorite find. I was LOVING the one diaper bag I posted about a while back but it was $218 and that was going to take up all of my shopping money left over from the garage sale. I even held it in the fossil store. *Sigh*. But then we went to Dillards and I saw this bag. Its also Fossil brand, was $118 on sale for $95. And since this was like our last stop and I had about $150 left, I bought it. Its going to be perfect!!)

As mentioned before, Courtney and I had a MUCH needed girls-only shopping spree on Sunday. I thought I would share with you my purchases. Not pictured is the properly named "Incredible" bra from Victoria's Secret. It is truly amazing. You don't ever adjust the straps- they are self adjusting- and you can get front closure ones (great for nursing!). Also not pictured: the one neopolitan truffle I got from Godiva, the 3 crab rangoons that I forgot to eat even though I was SUPER excited about them, and lunch from Mi Ranchito. I'm sure you can imagine the greatness of all those things.

Anyway, if anyone wants to send me donations I would be more than happy to do some more shopping and post pictures of my finds. You know. Out of the kindness of my heart. ;)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Beautiful Sight

(Our dining room at Buzzards at about 3pm)

As a business woman, I hate seeing our dining room empty. It should be full ALL the time. (We did have a good lunch crowd, though!) BUT, as the fill-in waitress this week, this was a sight for sore eyes.

You see, I am not used to being on my feet a lot. And I have a big belly that bumps into stuff. So it makes things a bit difficult. But I survived today and now I am going to reward myself with a nap. Adios!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easy & Delicious Breakfast!

(My breakfast work of art)

I am always looking for a fast and easy recipe that doesn't taste like cardboard. I was specifically looking for breakfast ideas since that is the meal we get to eat together as a family. (We needed to get out of our frozen waffle rut.)
I came across this recipe in a magazine and altered it to the needs of my family (no veggies, make it cheesy, etc.). Here is how you do it:

1. Fry some sausage (or your meat of choice).
2. Scramble some eggs (I used 4 farm fresh eggs).
3. Take one roll of refrigerated pizza dough (13.8 oz) and unroll it on a greased cookie sheet.
4. If you are like me, now is the point when you remember to preheat your oven, so preheat it to 425 degrees.
5. Pat out the pizza dough just a bit to make it about 15"x10". Make diagonal cuts down the 2 longest sides (make the cuts about 2" long or just be sure to leave enough room in the middle for the goodies you cooked).
6. We like things cheesy, so I put 4 slices of cheese on the uncut part, top it with your eggs and sausage. I then added 2 more slices cut in half on top.
7. Now take the diagonal pieces you cut into the dough and just fold them over the top. Press the ends a bit to seal. Cook at 425 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

The best thing about this recipe, besides it being delicious, is that you can put anything you want in it. Put sauce and pepperoni in it for a calzone type supper. Put veggies in it for, well, whatever you do with veggie stuff. Enjoy!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls Day Out

(He is super cute, but not invited)

As I type this on my lovely phone, I keep thinking about how it is FRIDAY!! And normally that would not matter to me, but about 6 weeks ago Courtney and I decided to figure out a day for us to go shopping. And by "us" I mean Courtney and I- no Carter or Bryce or husbands or anyone- just us girls. We compared schedules and came up with a Saturday about 6 weeks away. Something came up so it got bumped to Sunday. Our babysitters are set (thanks mom and Stan!) and *knock on wood* nothing else has come up.

So, here I sit, excited that our girls shopping day is only a few days away! I will share with you our awesome finds on Monday :)
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Large and In Charge

That's how I've been feeling lately. A bit large around the ol' mid section. But I am grateful that I am one of the pregnant people that is ALL belly- I don't gain really anywhere else. If you see me from the back I look like normal me. And I am feeling good! Ok, still hot out but its a bit better now. So, here in a new baby bump pic. I actually fixed my hair today instead of just a pony tail so I had to mark the occasion with a picture.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I just realized I haven't posted since the 9th. Over a week ago. And here I had promised I would do better. Tisk, tisk.

I have several good excuses though. The first involves the 3 words that sends shivers down my spine (the bad kind) and makes me grit my teeth: Corporate Tax Time. Ugh, I feel horrible just saying it. But this time not only did I have to get the rest of 2009 entered, but Bob asked me to do 2010 up-to-date also. So that took days and days of my time. I stayed in pj's and put my hair in scary pony tails. My office looked like a paper tornado tore through it.

Second, summer colds have NOT been our friend. Carter got sick, then Darek, mom and dad all at the same time, then Carter got better and about a week later I got it (I thought I was in the clear). Then I got over it (with a little help from my friend amoxicillin). Then a few days later Carter started running a fever again. Another sinus infection (this past week). So another Dr visit, more meds and he seems to be feeling a bit better again. But very grouchy.

Third excuse- I'm pregnant. I had some energy a few weeks ago and *poof* its gone now. I'm so extremely tired.

Again, I will try to do better to keep my 1 reader updated (thanks, Beth!). But I know you understand and all of my excuses will not fall on deaf ears (especially the last one).
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Monday, August 09, 2010


I had my first baby dream last night. I know lots of people dream about their babies when they are pregnant, but not me. I usually just have super crazy dreams. But last night I had my first dream where I had my baby girl and she was an actual baby that I could see (I've had dreams where I knew I had her but never saw her). She was a big baby and she was beautiful. So, now I feel motivated to get stuff purchased and set up and ready! I am officially excited!
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Garage sale

This weekend I had a garage sale at our place. Needless to say, it was HUGE! Lots of junk, er, treasures. Anyway, we made enough that I can go buy a car seat, a new rocking chair and probably still have enough for Carter some fall clothes! It was definitely worth setting out in the 95 degree heat!

Here is Carter's treasure that he found. He is attached now.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Deal of the day

Today I got 4 new tires on my car. $550 worth the new tires to be exact. So I wasn't expecting to buy anything while shopping to waste time while they were putting the tires on.

We went in Blue Dandelion (where everything is SUPER cute but out of my price range). I found several cute outfits but, at around $30 for a onesie, was about to leave empty handed. Then I had to check out the clearance section like I do in every store. And there it was. A super cute bedding set. I haven't looked at any bedding for our little girl that will be arriving in November, and really wasn't sure what I would be looking for color-wise. But when I saw this set I knew it was perfect. I looked at the price tag: $220. But in big red numbers scrawled on the bag was this magical number: $60. That is $60 for the whole shebang- comforter, bumpers, sheets, skirt.

Needless to say, I bought it.
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