Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping Day!

(The super cute purse I bought- it was $50- got it for $19)

(Can't go wrong with little girl tights!)

(Jeans for Carter this fall- I got them for $10/pair then 25% off that. Not bad.)

(My favorite find. I was LOVING the one diaper bag I posted about a while back but it was $218 and that was going to take up all of my shopping money left over from the garage sale. I even held it in the fossil store. *Sigh*. But then we went to Dillards and I saw this bag. Its also Fossil brand, was $118 on sale for $95. And since this was like our last stop and I had about $150 left, I bought it. Its going to be perfect!!)

As mentioned before, Courtney and I had a MUCH needed girls-only shopping spree on Sunday. I thought I would share with you my purchases. Not pictured is the properly named "Incredible" bra from Victoria's Secret. It is truly amazing. You don't ever adjust the straps- they are self adjusting- and you can get front closure ones (great for nursing!). Also not pictured: the one neopolitan truffle I got from Godiva, the 3 crab rangoons that I forgot to eat even though I was SUPER excited about them, and lunch from Mi Ranchito. I'm sure you can imagine the greatness of all those things.

Anyway, if anyone wants to send me donations I would be more than happy to do some more shopping and post pictures of my finds. You know. Out of the kindness of my heart. ;)

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Beth said...

I want to go on a shopping trip with you!! esp if godiva chocolate is involved.