Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I just realized I haven't posted since the 9th. Over a week ago. And here I had promised I would do better. Tisk, tisk.

I have several good excuses though. The first involves the 3 words that sends shivers down my spine (the bad kind) and makes me grit my teeth: Corporate Tax Time. Ugh, I feel horrible just saying it. But this time not only did I have to get the rest of 2009 entered, but Bob asked me to do 2010 up-to-date also. So that took days and days of my time. I stayed in pj's and put my hair in scary pony tails. My office looked like a paper tornado tore through it.

Second, summer colds have NOT been our friend. Carter got sick, then Darek, mom and dad all at the same time, then Carter got better and about a week later I got it (I thought I was in the clear). Then I got over it (with a little help from my friend amoxicillin). Then a few days later Carter started running a fever again. Another sinus infection (this past week). So another Dr visit, more meds and he seems to be feeling a bit better again. But very grouchy.

Third excuse- I'm pregnant. I had some energy a few weeks ago and *poof* its gone now. I'm so extremely tired.

Again, I will try to do better to keep my 1 reader updated (thanks, Beth!). But I know you understand and all of my excuses will not fall on deaf ears (especially the last one).
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Beth said...

I have missed your posts but I guess your excuses are fairly valid. I mean, I guess you kinda feel tired when your pregnant- and taxes kinda take a long time to do for a small business, and sick kids are kinda a distraction. :) hope you get a little more relaxing in this week!