Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(A dark view of my bedroom this morning)

This morning has been a bit different then other mornings lately. Last night, mom stopped by and Carter went to stay the night at her house. So, I am minus a child and the kicks in the head and spine that comes along with him after he sneaks into our bed at 2am or so.

Another difference? The BEAUTIFUL weather. So beautiful that I typed that all in capital letters. Did you notice? Anyway, it is 58 degrees outside. If I could capitalize numbers I would have just then. And those 58 degrees felt just right with our window open all night and the ceiling fan on. When I get out of the shower this morning I will get chilly- not instantly sweaty again (tmi, I know).

Oh, and Darek had to leave for Buzzards a bit earlier than usual to receive one of our trucks. So that means I am all alone in a quiet, cool house.

What did I do, you might be asking? I did what any normal person would do in the same situation- I ran downstairs, got some Nutty Bars and a bottle of water, ran back upstairs to get under the covers and eat breakfast in bed.
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