Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comp List 1/29-2/04

Hello again!

Here are the comp lists I was sent for this week.  Looks like there are some good deals out there! Happy shopping!


Ottawa area (Thanks, Melissa!):

Ottawa area (Thanks, Debi!):

Iola (Thanks, Nikki and Lisa!):

Atchison (Thanks, Kim!):

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comp List 1/22-1/28

Good morning, everyone! (Or whatever time of day would be appropriate for whenever you are reading this...)

I don't have too much to say and a lot to do so I think I will attempt to keep it short... I just wanted to let everyone know of the different ways you can get the list.  

You can get it via email: To join the comp list email, send an email to (A blank email is fine- you don't even have to put anything in the subject line.  But be sure to include the little - between thecomplist and subscribe!)  Once you do that, you will get a confirmation email back- either click on the link to confirm or reply to the confirmation email (again, a blank email is fine) and hit send.  That will put you on the email list. If you don't see the confirmation email, be sure to check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders.  (And just a note- you do not have to have a Yahoo! email address to join the list.)

Or you can get it on Facebook if you have an account- there is a special page just for the Comp List (  You should be able to get it to work one way or another!  

(And I have had some people commenting that Walmart will no longer accept the list.  If you are having that issue, you might go to my blog and read the message from last week- I put info in there about it!)

As usual, happy shopping! And thank you for your patience in this transition- I love you guys!



Ottawa Comp List 1 (Thanks, Melissa!):

Ottawa Comp List 2 (Thanks, Debi!):

Atchison Comp List (Thanks, Kim!):

Iola Comp List (Thanks, Nikki!):

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Comp List 1/15-1/21

Hello again, everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great week.  I wanted to address something before we get started with the deals... I have received several messages from people having difficulty using the "new" lists.  Apparently Walmart has been telling people that they will not match the list since it is not "Emily's List".  But what they apparently do not understand is that there isn't really a choice.  The Comp Lists are really just like taking a shopping list in to Walmart.  How can they say they won't accept your shopping list?  They can't.  The only difference is that YOUR shopping list includes prices from competitors.  Which they advertise quite frequently that they will match.  So, if you are faced with this issue, be kind but argue if necessary.  Find out why they won't match a certain price- is the store out of the area? Has the deal ended?  If you still have issues and believe you are right you can ask to speak with a manager.  (But please remember to be kind- that will get you much further than yelling!)  

As I have always said, know the Walmart Ad Match Policy.  Print it out, carry it with you, tattoo it on your arm, whatever works for you!  I usually try to include a copy on these messages but if I forget and you need it just Google it.  And if you have time, confirm the prices on the comp list.  They will be right probably 99% of the time but trust me when I say we are human beings, too, and we make mistakes.  If a price seems too good to be true then double check before you go!  

I think that is it for this week! Happy Shopping!


Baldwin City Market:

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Comp Lists for the week of 1/08

Hello, everyone!  

Here are the lists that people have done so far for this week.  I will update my blog with them after work tonight.  So if you don't see one for your area and you know one is being made be sure to check back there later this week! (  Others will also be posted on The Comp List page on Facebook (I can't remember the link right off hand but it is something like

Also, I have received several messages about Walmart not matching any of the "new" comp lists.  Here is the thing... You CAN comp without a list.  So you CAN comp with one of these lists.  But you can verify the ads if you think a particular deal is too good to be true before you go shopping.  And if it is indeed correct, ARGUE! Know the policy (find it here: and print it and carry it with you when you go shopping- it states right in there that you DO NOT have to have the ads with you for them to be honored.  It is hard switching things but please be patient- it will all be just fine! :)

Have a good week!  AND THANK YOU to the awesome people sharing their lists with all of us! You ladies are fantastic.

OH! One more thing.  This is the message that never ends... Yes, it goes on and on my friends... You might check out a couple of the lists- you might find deals on one that you didn't see on another one or stores that you can use from one that cross over with others, etc.  Anyway, pretty much all of the lists have several of the stores that I had been looking at, as well.  So you should be able to find one that you like to use!  Happy Shopping!



Atchison Comp List 1/08 (Thanks, Kim!): Click Here

Iola Comp List 1/08 (Thanks, Nikki and Lisa!) : Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks Debi!): Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks, Rosann! ): Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks, Melissa!): Click Here

Overland Park 1/08 (Thanks, Abby!): Click Here

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Comp List Update

Hello, folks! I have to share a bit of a "Comp List" update with you. I have decided I have to give up my time working on the Comp List to focus on my Master's degree and on my family. This decision was not made lightly- it was about a year in the making. But, this does NOT mean you won't have a Comp List. I have had a few different individuals email me that they would be interested in sharing their comp list with you! (And if you make one and would like to share it, please let me know!) 

This will work perfectly as many stores are getting more strict with their policies and will match from less stores. So, the plan is having a list for different areas. 

There are people in Ottawa, Iola and Atchison that do similar lists and so those will be shared on this page! Again, let me know if you do one for a different area and I can post it!  And you might check a couple of the different lists if your store falls in between some of these other stores!

(I only have one for Ottawa and Emporia for today- I will update it if others are posted! I do know that there will not be one for Atchison posted until 1/08.)

And please be patient as I work out the kinks! We will get lists posted.  Also, check out - the deals are not in a spreadsheet format but they have quite a list!! And for MANY different stores/states!! 

Ottawa Walmart Comp List 1/01-1/07

Emporia Walmart Comp List 1/01-1/07