Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Comp List Update

Hello, folks! I have to share a bit of a "Comp List" update with you. I have decided I have to give up my time working on the Comp List to focus on my Master's degree and on my family. This decision was not made lightly- it was about a year in the making. But, this does NOT mean you won't have a Comp List. I have had a few different individuals email me that they would be interested in sharing their comp list with you! (And if you make one and would like to share it, please let me know!) 

This will work perfectly as many stores are getting more strict with their policies and will match from less stores. So, the plan is having a list for different areas. 

There are people in Ottawa, Iola and Atchison that do similar lists and so those will be shared on this page! Again, let me know if you do one for a different area and I can post it!  And you might check a couple of the different lists if your store falls in between some of these other stores!

(I only have one for Ottawa and Emporia for today- I will update it if others are posted! I do know that there will not be one for Atchison posted until 1/08.)

And please be patient as I work out the kinks! We will get lists posted.  Also, check out - the deals are not in a spreadsheet format but they have quite a list!! And for MANY different stores/states!! 

Ottawa Walmart Comp List 1/01-1/07

Emporia Walmart Comp List 1/01-1/07


Anonymous said...

Where's the regular comp list?

Anonymous said...

You have store brand items on your list the Atchison comp list doesn't!

Marigene said...

Thanks for everything...all good things must end at some time. I will be looking to see if anyone will be taking over doing the Comp List. Good luck obtaining your masters degree.