Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comp List 1/29-2/04

Hello again!

Here are the comp lists I was sent for this week.  Looks like there are some good deals out there! Happy shopping!


Ottawa area (Thanks, Melissa!):

Ottawa area (Thanks, Debi!):

Iola (Thanks, Nikki and Lisa!):

Atchison (Thanks, Kim!):


teresa said...

I don't understand why I cant open any of these

tamra said...

when the iola list is being done why do we not get the milk on it from walgreens and other good deals from dillions that the other towns get on there list. it would be nice that we can all get the good deals at the stores

Anonymous said...

It depends on WalMarts policies. The WalMart in Gardner only price comps stores wn a 20 mile radius and Ottawa WalMart price comps wn a 20 radius. Gardner WalMart price comps store brand items but Ottawa doesn't. Those are the only two stores I shop. Not sure about the Iola. May call and ask them.. 😊

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant Ottawa's radius is 50 miles, not 20.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your hard work, but could you do me a favor? Could you send the lists in spreadsheet format? I edit my liost down only what I need and I'd rather bring in 20 pages when I only want 8 items. I've tried converting them from pdf and it does work well. Thanks.