Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Comp Lists for the week of 1/08

Hello, everyone!  

Here are the lists that people have done so far for this week.  I will update my blog with them after work tonight.  So if you don't see one for your area and you know one is being made be sure to check back there later this week! (  Others will also be posted on The Comp List page on Facebook (I can't remember the link right off hand but it is something like

Also, I have received several messages about Walmart not matching any of the "new" comp lists.  Here is the thing... You CAN comp without a list.  So you CAN comp with one of these lists.  But you can verify the ads if you think a particular deal is too good to be true before you go shopping.  And if it is indeed correct, ARGUE! Know the policy (find it here: and print it and carry it with you when you go shopping- it states right in there that you DO NOT have to have the ads with you for them to be honored.  It is hard switching things but please be patient- it will all be just fine! :)

Have a good week!  AND THANK YOU to the awesome people sharing their lists with all of us! You ladies are fantastic.

OH! One more thing.  This is the message that never ends... Yes, it goes on and on my friends... You might check out a couple of the lists- you might find deals on one that you didn't see on another one or stores that you can use from one that cross over with others, etc.  Anyway, pretty much all of the lists have several of the stores that I had been looking at, as well.  So you should be able to find one that you like to use!  Happy Shopping!



Atchison Comp List 1/08 (Thanks, Kim!): Click Here

Iola Comp List 1/08 (Thanks, Nikki and Lisa!) : Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks Debi!): Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks, Rosann! ): Click Here

Ottawa and other areas 1/08 (Thanks, Melissa!): Click Here

Overland Park 1/08 (Thanks, Abby!): Click Here


Anonymous said...

No comp list for ottawa yet?

Vicki Thesenga said...

All good things come to an end but better things are on the horizon. Good Luck to you and your family!Vicki Thesenga- Yates Center, KS

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! she just said....

Anonymous said...

No!!!!! I just found you. =) Is there a comp list somewhere for the St Joseph area?

JHailey said...

Will there bea comp list for Wichita?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the other ladies putting something together, it is very helpful and much appreciated!

Bradley Caldwell said...

Cameron area?

Anonymous said...

The only list I can get to open is Overland Park one the others say you need permission to open??

Gayla said...

Thanks to all the ladies & Emily for all your hard work to get a comp list out. Can any of you tell me how to find prices to do a store brand comp list? For example the Aldi milk for $1.99. Again, thanks to you all.