Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comp List 1/22-1/28

Good morning, everyone! (Or whatever time of day would be appropriate for whenever you are reading this...)

I don't have too much to say and a lot to do so I think I will attempt to keep it short... I just wanted to let everyone know of the different ways you can get the list.  

You can get it via email: To join the comp list email, send an email to (A blank email is fine- you don't even have to put anything in the subject line.  But be sure to include the little - between thecomplist and subscribe!)  Once you do that, you will get a confirmation email back- either click on the link to confirm or reply to the confirmation email (again, a blank email is fine) and hit send.  That will put you on the email list. If you don't see the confirmation email, be sure to check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders.  (And just a note- you do not have to have a Yahoo! email address to join the list.)

Or you can get it on Facebook if you have an account- there is a special page just for the Comp List (  You should be able to get it to work one way or another!  

(And I have had some people commenting that Walmart will no longer accept the list.  If you are having that issue, you might go to my blog and read the message from last week- I put info in there about it!)

As usual, happy shopping! And thank you for your patience in this transition- I love you guys!



Ottawa Comp List 1 (Thanks, Melissa!):

Ottawa Comp List 2 (Thanks, Debi!):

Atchison Comp List (Thanks, Kim!):

Iola Comp List (Thanks, Nikki!):

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