Friday, February 08, 2013

I know you are here for the comp list BUT....

Have you checked THIS out?

I always have a hard time trying to think of what to make for dinner. In the same boat?  Cool.  

So to make things a bit easier for all of us, I posted our menus through the first part of June.  Following a menu can really help cut down your grocery bill! And you can look a week or two ahead and purchase the items when they are on comp.  Plus, your family isn't eating the same thing every other night!

Most (ok, all) of the recipes are quite simple.  I did throw a few new ones in there that we haven't tried yet.  I put one new crockpot recipe per week on the menu- who doesn't love how easy it is to cook in a crockpot??

Anyway, if there is something on the menu that you aren't sure how to make but would like to the recipe, just click on the food item. (For example, on March 7th I posted "Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings."  If you click on that it opens up the details and I posted the link where I found the recipe.)

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your meals in the near future!

And if you are STILL only here for the comp list, you can find it on the post below!


Kayla said...

This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Mom of 3 boys said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I am a mom of three boys with a husband who works 80 hours a week and still cannot get ahead. This will help.