Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Comp List 10/02-10/08

Hello, everyone!

Just a few reminders... I don't want these to come across as being rude- I just want to be short with them because I am EXHAUSTED!

1.  I am not sure why you can't open the comp list on your computer/cell phone/ tablet or whatever you are trying to use.  I wish I could spend more time helping you but I just don't have time and I really have no idea why anyone would be having a problem.  My only suggestion is to try a different method- if you can't open the link I post on my blog, try the one on Facebook, or Twitter, or in the email.  Hopefully you can get it to work! 

2.  Some stores will still match store brand items.  Most will not but there are some out there that will.  It is part of Walmart's corporate policy that they DO NOT match store brand items so don't be surprised if your store stops matching them in the future! (And you don't have to message me if your store does or does not- I have lost track and have given up.  lol)

3.  I am very sorry but I cannot add your cat's favorite brand of cat food or your Aunt's favorite candy bar to the comp list.  If I added everything that everyone messaged me I would have to quit my job, sell my children on the black market, and ONLY do the list.  Fortunately, I am not willing to do any of those things so I will just have to stick to the items I put on regularly.  I try to find the best deals but I am sure I miss A LOT.  Feel free to look up the ads if you are looking for something specific! 

4.  I cannot get the comp list out any sooner than I do.  I know you go grocery shopping at 2am on Wednesday morning and NEED the comp list then.  But since I have started working on Wednesdays I cannot get the list out any earlier than about 9:00pm (and even that is pushing it).  

5.  Oh, and I am also not sure where your comp list is.  I get so many messages each week about a missing comp list.  So many, in fact, that I stop checking my messages throughout the week and try to catch up on the weekends.  But, if you are having issues receiving the list, please be aware that there are several ways to get the list (and don't forget to check your "spam" folder):

** You can access the comp list by joining my Yahoo! Group:
     (This will send the list to you via email but it will send it to you much faster than I can manually!)

You can see it each week by accessing it on my blog:
     (I post it on my blog as soon as I am done with it so you can view it Wednesday night.)

I post it on Facebook each week- you can find me at:

And I also post it on Twitter- @CompListLady

Ok, folks.  I think that is it for now! I hope those didn't come across as short or "snappy"- I don't mean them to be that way.  I am just trying to address several messages all at once.  Thank you for using the list and keep spreading it around!

Anyway, Happy shopping!

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Comp List 10/02-10/08
Comp List 10/02-10/08 (Excel)


Moons (10/02-10/08):

Baldwin City Market (10/02-10/08):


Rachel said...

Thank you for being willing to share this with us! Yes, there are things I shop for that aren't on the list, but I'm so grateful to have the other things all listed together that I don't even notice! I looked through ONE STORE's ad, and it took me long enough, so I know this is no small task. Thank you again!

Marigene said...

I shop mostly the perimeter of the grocery store so I am most interested in those items, which you cover very nicely. Thanks for all you do to get the list out each week.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. What you are doing is great! I so appreciate the savings!

Anonymous said...

Emily ~ honestly shocked at what others expect from you.

I hope everyone appreciates what you do. I know my family does!

If they don’t like it – do it themselves and they will realize just how time consuming it is & what a help/blessing you are to us all!

You have handled it very diplomatically and not once did you sound unkind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all that you do! My husband and I have four children and another on the way, so our grocery bill is the best place to save. Especially now with the government shutdown. My husband is a government employee, and therefore out of work until further notice. What a blessing you are to my family! There is no way to express the gratitude that I feel :)) I'm sorry that others don't treat you and your time with the respect deserved. Good luck, and again, thank you very much!

Tara :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for spending your valuable time putting together this list!!! To the complainers...her time is as valuable as yours:-)

Haley said...

I'm so sorry you've obviously gotten a lot of flack!!! That's hideous! So I thought I'd take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for making a bright spot in my otherwise dreary shopping drop-down-drag-out every week with my 5 children (ages 1-8). We live about 45 min from Emporia, so when I groc shop its an ALL DAY wearying experience. It just is. I SOOOOO appreciate the comp list - it saves my sanity, makes me excited for deals, and most importantly saves me money, and makes it easier to feed my family well. THANK YOU, and hugs to you today!