Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Comp List 10/09-10/15

Hello, everyone!

I had a bit of a Eureka! moment this week.  I was really frustrated last week and had pretty much just had it with the comp list.  But, I think I have found a solution (thanks to a few suggestions)!  I am no longer going to email the comp list out manually.  There are several different ways you can get the list and by me not sending them out it will save me about 10 hours per week.  That is huge!  So, if you absolutely have to have the list via email then you will want to sign up for the yahoo! group.  The good thing about this is that it will send the list out to you (to your email account) for me.  As soon as I "approve" my own message then it sends it out to everyone all at once- so no waiting.  Here is the link to join:

** To get the list through the Yahoo! Group go here:
     - You can also go to my blog and on the left hand side you will see Yahoo! Group Email: Join my Yahoo! Group to receive this via email.  You can just enter your email address in the box to join!

Again, if you are wanting the list to go to your email you have to sign up through the yahoo! group!  This will be the last week that I am sending the list out manually! If you have any questions or concerns just let me know.

And don't forget- you can still get it from my blog: and/or by "friending" me on Facebook: or whatever-ing me on Twitter @CompListLady.  

I am truly sorry if this inconveniences anyone!  I am, however, quite excited for this change.  :) 

OH! And I am coming close to 500,000 views on my blog! Woohoo!  I happen to have the inside scoop on a giveaway that will be happening within the next month- watch the blog for details!

Happy Shopping :)

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Moons (10/09-10/15):


Baldwin City Market (10/09-10/15):



Marigene said...

Thanks again, Emily for doing all the tedious work!
Have a wonderful week...

Chelsea said...

You are amazing for doing this! I wouldn't even bother sending it out if it causes anguish, so you're much nicer than I am! I mean, you have a blog for a reason - everyone can always come here, right?

Thanks so much! I've shared your page with several others who love to save!