Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Comp List 9/25-10/01

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to start the list out with an explanation real quick.  On the Dillons ad this week there were 2 typos.  These were fairly BIG typos.  I am not putting these on the comp list because I know they are incorrect.  But, you would not necessarily be in the wrong trying to comp those items- they are listed at that price in the ad.  The two items I am talking about are the All Laundry Detergent and the Yoplait Yogurt (both on the same page).  If you do try to comp these, be sure to have the ad with you! And it may not work so please don't message me if it doesn't! :)

I have also been receiving many, many, many messages about stores no longer matching store brand items.  This comes as no surprise to me! It is actually in Walmart's Corporate Policy that they do not match "competitors private label price promotions," aka Store Brand items.  The Walmart I shop at actually stopped matching these items over a year ago and I figured it was only a matter of time before other stores follow suit.  The good news is that there are many, many more name brand deals that you can comp and a lot of times these prices are even better than store brand prices!  (And this is also why I put the Store Brand items on a separate page.  Before too long I will probably stop including these altogether.)

Finally, there is a new feature on my blog! I have added a coupon bar.  This will hopefully turn into a little bit of income for me when people click on the deals and it might just help you out, too.  If you are looking for a coupon for any of your shopping, please check out the coupon bar! (You will notice it when you open up my blog-  It is an orange bar at the bottom of your screen.  If you put your mouse over it, it should pop up.  You can close it if you want by clicking "close" in the top right corner of the slide-up bar!

I think that is it for now! I start Graduate school on Monday so we will see how that works with the timing of the list- I don't see it affecting it any but who knows.  I will keep you updated!

Happy Shopping!

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Moons (9/25-10/01):

Checkers (9/25-10/01):


Baldwin City Market (9/25-10/01):


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