Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comp List 9/11-9/17

Hello, everyone!

If you get a chance, take a look at this: .  This is the video they shot while following me around a couple of weeks ago! I think it turned out GREAT! You *might* also be able to find it just by going to Yahoo!'s main page.  I saw it on there Tuesday evening!

Anyway, if you are new to the list, welcome.  If you are "old" to the list then hello again.  I hope the list is somewhat self explanatory- I try to make it that way.  But sometimes what makes sense to me might not to you!   The main idea has always been to open up the list, print it if you can or write down the deals you want to use, then go to Walmart and find the exact same item (same brand, size).  When you check out you just let the cashier know the price you will be paying for that item.  

There are a few tips and tricks and no-no's here and there.  First, you should know what your local Walmart will or will not comp.  Some Walmart stores will match their Great Value brand for the "store brand" listed on the comp list.  Many will not, but if yours does you might be able to get some great deals.  Also, some stores will match from a huge area and some will only match a few local stores.  So be sure you know what stores and deals you can use from the list.  If you aren't sure and don't know someone that knows, give your local store a call.  An Assistant Manager should be able to tell you (I usually ask for an Assistant Manager mainly because sometimes policies vary even from CSM to CSM.  See if you can get an Assistant Manager and then remember his/her name).

Second, you will find what works best for you when you are shopping.  I always keep my comp items separate from my "regular" priced stuff.  I like to put my comp items up last and when I have time I will occasionally put either little sticky notes with the comp price or garage sale stickers on the item while shopping (be sure it can be removed if you decide to not get it for some reason- don't damage the product) and then things are a little smoother at check-out.  

Another important piece of info is KNOW WALMART'S AD MATCH POLICY.  I always joke that I am going to get it tattooed on.  But by really knowing the policy you will know when you are doing things the correct way.  I usually try to attach a copy of it to this email each week so you should always have easy access to it.  

Finally, be kind to your cashier. They are trying to do their job and they sometimes get a hard time from people for various reasons.  You will find what cashiers you like to use and maybe even what ones to avoid.  But always be kind- if they are not following policy or are rude then you have their information right there on your receipt.  (And the same goes for a good one- if you had a great experience call in and leave a nice comment about that cashier!)

OH! And let me tell you once again the different ways you can find the list! It sometimes takes me FOREVER to send it out through email so there are always a few other ways you can get it.  The best way to find it is on my blog:  I post it there Wednesday nights as soon as I am done with it.  The second place I post it to is Facebook: .  But let me warn you- I post EXTREMELY cute pictures of my children frequently, ignore messages for days at a time and cuss like a sailor.  Let's not forget about Twitter- I think I am @CompListLady or something like that.  Oh! And my Yahoo! Group.  The easiest way to join that is to go to my blog and there is a box that you use to sign up for it.  That will send it out to you each week in an email message that I do not have to work my poor little fingers to the bone sending out.  Anyway, that pretty much rounds out our list of ways to get the comp list, except for stealing it from a friend, finding it crumpled in a cart or getting it through the regular email.  

I think I am all talked out for now.  Happy Shopping!

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Consenthia Edmiston said...

Have a question. I was at walmart store last week, and someone said that ottawa walmart has a new store manager. So I wasn't sure if you have talked with the new store manager about comping store brand items. I know it would be nice if they did just saying. Thank you and I'm so grateful for all that you put into this list. I do not know how I would shop without it. Thank you!

Chelsea said...

Thank you for this amazing list. I love price matching and this makes it so much easier. I found your blog through the article in Lawrence Journal-World last week and I'm so glad I did!

Also, for Hy-Vee locations, they each have a 'deal of the day' through their facebook pages. Today's ad for the Lawrence 23rd street store, for example, was full-size skittles or starburst for $0.12 each, limit 50. They have amazing deals every few weeks but always have a deal each day.

Marigene said...

Great video...thanks for all the hard work you put into making my life a little easier when it comes to grocery shopping!
Have a wonderful week...

Jen T said...

Love the video! so awesome! Thanks for all you do!!!

Lee Ann said...

I just found your blog via the Yahoo Finance video. You are doing a good thing for your community. I hear our local Walmarts are difficult to work with when it comes to price matching.
I read your profile and you seem to be one busy person. What is the Pride organization? That sounds interesting.
Oh btw......years ago I lived in Overland Park Kansan.

co said...

Mmmmm... GMO's galore!