Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Comp List 11/06-11/12

Hello, everyone!

A few things before we start...

HAPPY 2-Year Birthday to the Comp List!

Don't forget to go to my blog and enter the current giveaway.  I am hoping to make this an occasional fun thing for everyone!  Here is what we are giving away this week:

Jamberry Nail wraps are a solid film covering made of a non toxic vinyl material that are applied directly to your nails. This special material is both heat activated and pressure activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. They are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals and are latex free.
There are over 300 designs to choose from and they are made to last up to 2 weeks on finger and 4 or more weeks on toes. No chipping and no drying time! This giveaway involves the Jamberry Introductory Kit AND heater and 2 sets of wraps!! Check out Jamberry's products at and be sure to "like" Kristen's page at
Anyway, I will admit that I have *terrible* nails. I am very rough on them and I am a biter. I tried these puppies out and sure enough they lasted 2 weeks! I was quite impressed. The only tough decision you have is which ones you want to try first!
Next, Karen Harris will be having a Smart Shopping class at Ottawa Retirement Village in the Community Room on November 18th starting at 7:00pm. If you have any questions on couponing or how to get good deals you might think about attending! This class is open to the public and is free.
Finally, I have to step up on my "soap box" so sorry in advance! This week, I received about 10,000 (ok, a bit of an exaggeration) messages about Walmart issues. Ottawa Walmart will no longer match Red X or Save-a-lot ads. I have emailed the Manager to see what made him choose to do this but I haven't heard back. (He had been sticking to 60 miles- Red X is actually 60.6 miles but Save-a-lot is 55 miles away. So I am not sure why he made this decision). So please be aware of this when you go to the store! I am NOT going to stop putting these on the list just yet as I think there are many other people that CAN use those ads.  

BUT, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email/call/go in to Walmart with any issues you have. It is fine that you email me but I can do NOTHING about it as I do not work there! So if you have a less than satisfactory cashier/shopping experience/etc., call the store manager (your receipt will have all of the information you need on it) or call Corporate. They are much more equipped to help you than I am. (Seriously. I think I received a couple hundred messages this week with Walmart issues. And numerous hijacked Facebook posts. It has made me quite frustrated with the whole Comp List thing! I decided on Monday I was going to "quit" then here I am, working on it again.... I am a mess.) Anyway...I do know for sure that I will NOT be putting out a comp list on the following Wednesdays: November 27th, December 25th or and POSSIBLY January 1st- I will keep you updated!
Ok, that is it for now! Thanks for listening to my rant- it made me feel a teensy bit better. :) Stay tuned- next week I might do a "History of the Comp List" post.

Happy shopping!

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Comp List 11/06-11/12 (PDF)
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Consenthia Edmiston said...

Dnt stop!!!! Your awesome with all that you do and you hel save money for so many familes!!! Including myself. I'm so thankful for all the wrk you do and in helping us get by in the week. Ottawa Walmart is just being crazy cause their in the heart of the comp list. They will get over it or lose customers. Thank you for your hard hard wrk!!!!!

Heather Otwell said...

I am so grateful for this post every week!! I am sorry to hear that everyone complains to you about problems with Walmart. Please don't stop doing this list. I used to spend hours trying to go through ads, you have helped me save so much time and money. I actually found out about your list from one of the employees at the Gardner Walmart, if that makes you feel any better! :)

Marigene said...

Thanks for all the work you are really is more appreciated than you know.
Have a wonderful week, Emily...

Nena Stevens said...

I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and you are very much an awesome person you have helped so many people save hope you have a great day

Peggy A. said...

please don't stop! I just started using this today! i know its alot of work for you but we all appreciate it soooo much!

Theresa W. said...

I would like to echo all of the other comments. Please don't stop. You save me both time and money...two things I do not have a lot of at the moment. I'm constantly amazed at how many ungrateful people there are in the world. Hang in there - your reward will come for this kind service you are providing!!

Chris said...

Thank you so much for all you do! I love your comp list. Don't let those negative people get you down!