Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Comp List 11/20-11/26

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to remind everyone that this will be the last comp list before Thanksgiving! I will not be putting a list together on Wednesday, November 27.  I will be too busy drooling over the pies and goodies as we get them ready for the next day.  

OOOH! And something new: I made a Facebook page that you can "like" that is strictly for the Comp List.  So, if you are tired of seeing my hilariousness and awesomeness (or if I offend you perhaps), you can "like" that page and see it that way without seeing all my normal Facebook nonsense.  ( I will probably stop posting too much about comp stuff on my personal page and put it more on this new page. (I didn't know you had a limit on Facebook friends and I reached my limit yesterday- which is apparently 5,000.  I won't delete anyone I have on there now but if you want then you can unfriend me and get it from this new page.  Your choice!)

I also wanted to remind everyone... if your local Walmart store doesn't match store brand items and you can't get milk for $1.99, you can still go to Aldi's if you live in Lawrence, Topeka, Emporia and probably some KC stores (check the ad before you go to make sure) and get it for $1.99.  If you don't have an Aldi's nearby but do have a Walgreens, they usually have their milk for $2.79! It is name brand milk but since they don't list the brand name in the ad it cannot be comped.  

Be sure to check out the ads at the end of the comp list this week! There are some great deals and important information.  Even if you don't print them off, take a glance at them to see what is up!  (These businesses are great for being willing to advertise on the comp list- it allows me to make a small amount of money for doing this.  Thank you!)

Finally, this week when you are comping your groceries be sure to double check the dates on the ads... Some of the dates will probably be a little weird- some will go through Thanksgiving and some will end right before the holiday (and some might end after).  Be extra careful this week!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Moons (11/20-11/27):

Baldwin City Market (11/20-11/26):

Whole Foods (11/20-11/26):




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