Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Times

We've been busy. And I LOVE it. So here are some updates:

Since Darek is off in the evenings now, we spend a lot of time outside. Playing, gardening, generally just wearing the kids out. It is such a huge (but great) change. I've also been making dinner nightly (with the help of Grammy some nights). I make out our menu for almost a month ahead of time and then we just go off of it. It makes grocery shopping and cooking a lot easier. We don't have to waste time thinking of what to make for supper!

I know I was SUPPOSED to run my first non-stop 5k last weekend. But, you see, I didn't. We had a wedding come up and it was really cold outside so I decided to skip it. I figured it wasn't too terrible since I run at least a 5K usually 3 times a week. (On the treadmill, that is.) And I have officially lost over 20 lbs. I feel great.

A long time ago I also wrote about trying to get out of debt. As you know, we sold our house and are living with my parents. This has allowed us to pay off 3 credit cards so far. I am so proud. We have also added to our savings. AND I have come up with a plan to where we can pay off our "large" credit card in 5 months, another store one in less than 3, and then the very last one in about 2 months. If we can accomplish this then the only debt we will have is our car and our student loans.

Speaking of student loans- I am officially enrolled at ESU this summer. My class starts on June 13th. I am just taking one this summer- Spanish I. Then I will go full-time online this fall, and then full time this spring. I found info on the daycare at the college and I might just enroll the kiddos in the spring. I think it would be good for them (and me). Anyway, if I can earn my degree it will be a Bachelors of Arts in Modern Languages with a Concentration in Spanish. Whoa, thats a mouthfull.

I think that might be it for now. I probably forgot something I am sure. But that will give me an excuse to blog again soon, right?

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