Monday, September 07, 2009

A birthday, dry sockets and more

We have been quite the busy family lately. I usually say this after going over a month without posting a blog. But seriously, we have been busy. Let's just travel on back to the end of July- the 25th to be exact. It was The Big Day. Carter's First Birthday Party (not to be confused with Carter's Actual First Birthday).

So that was all fun. Fast forward a few days to July 29th- Carter's Actual First Birthday (not to be confused with any of the other days of Carters First Birthday Week). Grandpa & Grandma Graves, Grandpa & Grammy Allen, Uncle Craig & Aunt Mary and Cole, Darek, Carter and I all went to the Kansas City Zoo.

This was one of the highlights:

And Carter led the way

And Carter's mom rode in a rascal because she had two broken ankles

Other highlights included:

Who knew they serve beer at the zoo?

A very happy carousel ride

and a short boat ride to Africa

(at which point my camera battery died. How convenient.)

So, anyway, if you are still with me on this that brings us to a pretty busy August, a short vacation to Solomon, followed by my wisdom teeth being removed on Wednesday, September 2nd, a nasty sore dry socket lasting from Friday until today (September 7th), the dry socket being packed with the medicated strips (OUCH!) and a very nice Labor Day. We also have some pretty exciting news- it looks as if we are going to be opening a new Buzzards Pizza in Wellsville which I think is going to be a great opportunity for our family. I will try to keep you posted more often, but since I always say that, I will post when I can!

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Beth said...

busy month(s)! It has been forever since I've talked with you. I need to fix that ASAP. Hope the feet and dry sockets are all cleared up. :)