Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bedroom

Most people do not feel the need to discuss what goes on in their bedroom. I, however, am not most people. I feel that I MUST discuss our bedroom situation. You see, this morning I am typing this with what feels like sand under my eyelids. Not much sleep occurred in our bedroom last night. Let's do a recap, but first how about a drawing (a very high tech non-blurry drawing at that).

I ask you to notice Figure A. This square represents my pillow. It was placed nicely and completely on the bed until approximately 1:30 am. At that point, a small child around the age of 22 months, came into our room wanting to sleep in our bed. Now, as a very tired mom, I am fine with him crawling into bed because that means he will just go back to sleep quickly. And this was the case last night. He fell asleep quickly, I fell asleep quickly, and Darek, well he always falls asleep quickly. So, at 1:30 am I had to move my pillow to where it was about 47% off the bed so Carter could have "his space". You will also notice that I have a belly. This was to be expected as I am expecting, but it is still uncomfortable and causes sleeping complications.
Let's move on to Figure B. This would be the same 22 month old as mentioned above. Why would I make a 22 month old the same size as I am? Have you met Carter? He is a good-sized child and takes up as much room as a pregnant 26 year old woman. And what is going on with his feet, you might be asking? They are located squarely into my spine. If they were in my spine and not moving, that would be tolerable. But, these feet dig and kick and all kinds of other things that cause me to not be able to walk in the morning. .
On to Figure C. This is my loving husband, Darek. We have been married for 5 whole years as of TODAY. Its been wonderful. But this must be reported regardless of the fact that it is our anniversary. He takes up 60% of the bed. His head sometimes even wanders onto MY pillow when Carter is not between us. I'm thinking a restraining order.
And last but not least, Figure D. This is the one that really gets me. Figure D represents Darek's #3 pillow. We both have 2 pillows under our heads, and I have one that sometimes I place between my knees to keep my hips from hurting. But Darek takes his #3 pillow and places it next to him on the bed. Let me say this so you will get it: THE PILLOW HAS MORE ROOM THAN I DO! It somehow manages to stay in exactly that position (fully on the bed, mind you) while my pillows, my feet and my belly are often hanging off the bed. But pillow #3 never has to wake up to hands asleep or feet numb from hanging over the bed. No, it gets its own space.
This is all a nightly thing. Last night was made worse by the fact that the 22 month old child woke up at like 3 and wouldn't go back to sleep, forcing me to pat him for hours. And now he is trying to pry my hands off of the computer. But this is my therapy for the day and let's hope the day is better because of it.

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Beth said...

That is hilarious! you make me laugh. good luck on the sleeping situation at least you dont have a full size bed like we do. or maybe you do? if so, i am sorry