Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Dear Handsome Son

Oh, Carter, you are the light of my life. I hope you always have the same attitude that you have now (except maybe minus the terrible 2's).

I absolutely love how you are my little farmer. Everyday, you ride your tractor or tricycle and you are always "bailing hay," or something farm-related. You get so excited to feed range cubes to the cows, gather the eggs, feed the cats and chickens and feed the dogs. You are going to be a hard worker just like your daddy.

Here in just a few days you are going to be taking on a new roll. Big Brother. I know you will do great- you absolutely love babies (especially Baby Ian and Baby Violet). I hope you never feel left out or like we don't have enough time for you as we are adjusting to having your little sister with us. And I hope you give her lots of kisses and hugs so she knows just how great her big brother is.

Maybe you can even take her on a tractor ride when she gets bigger.

You are the best son anyone could ask for (and the cutest, but that is my opinion). We love you!

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