Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Comp List 3/06-3/12 (And First Giveaway Details!)

Ok, everyone! I have officially reached over 5,000 people on the comp list!! Woohoo! That means it is giveaway time!

Here is how this is going to work...

Each week, I will post one or two ads in the regular ad section (at the end of the comp list).  These special ads will have a little sign on them that says "Email "xxxx" to enter".  Just email that key word to me (put it in the subject line) and you will be entered! The item in the giveaway will be something from the business that the ad is for but you have to enter to find out what it is!  There are some GREAT items!  If there is more than one thing you want to enter for that week, you MUST send me separate emails for the different items.  Please only enter one time for each drawing.  I will try to respond to each entry so you know I got it!  I think I will also post some of the special ads on my blog randomly throughout the month so check there to see if there are any current giveaways on there!  You have 6 days to enter- when this comp list expires on Tuesday so will the giveaway. Winners will be announced in the comp list on Wednesdays!

Anyway, we will see how this week goes and then I will let you know if anything changes for next week!  Happy shopping! (And winning!)

Emily Graves




Moons (3/06-3/12):

Baldwin City Market (3/06-3/12): 

Walgreens (3/03-3/09):

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