Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comp List 7/10-7/16

Hello, everyone!

I think I have found something to save me some more time when doing the comp list.  I am going to start sending out the list through both my Yahoo! Group and Mail Chimp.  Mail Chimp will send out the email for me (it is going to look a bit more 'professional') so I will have a lot less work to do.  You shouldn't have to do anything, I can add your email address to the list. If you ever decide that you no longer wish to subscribe to the comp list there will be an option at the bottom that says "unsubscribe".  (But it even does that for me!)  Anyway, this program doesn't sell your email addresses or anything like that so you should be just fine.  If you have any problems with it please let me know!  Update: After testing it, Mail Chimp will not work for me.  It is only free for up to 2,000 people then it is $75.00/month! Yikes.  Forget that idea.

I also wanted to mention really quickly that when I looked up the Country Mart ad it was only 4 pages.  This usually means they had a separate circular for a special sale but it wasn't online yet.  You might keep checking to see if they put it on there if you want even more deals! I normally get this ad in the mail but for some reason they sent me last weeks.  So look online (the link is below)!

Happy Shopping!
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Hyvee (7/10-7/16):
Moons (7/10-7/16):
Baldwin City Market (7/10-7/16):


Marigene said...

Thanks for all the hard work you do, Emily.

Rose May said...

I'm new here n was wanting to know when the July 17th list comes out n where to find it please and thank you so much :-)