Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comp List 3/19-3/25

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are enjoying spring break if you get to have a day or two off.  I do have a bit of info to share this week so here you go....

I found this information on KOFO after learning about it from Melissa: 

The Ottawa Country Mart has been sold and will become a Price Chopper supermarket April 21.
The store has been bought by the queen family of Paola, which owns price chopper stores in Paola, Spring Hill, Bonner Springs, and two in overland park.

Price chopper will take control of the Ottawa store April 21 and close for a few days for remodeling, and reopen later that same week.

How exciting for the Ottawa area! Price Chopper has some great deals.  I think that is it for the breaking news for now.  :)

Happy Shopping!



Ottawa Comp List 3/19 (Melissa) PDF:

Ottawa Comp List 3/19 (Melissa) Excel:

Emporia/Ottawa Area Comp List 3/19 (Rosann) PDF:

Emporia/Ottawa Area Comp List 3/19 (Rosann) Excel:

Iola Comp List 3/19 (Nikki) PDF:

Iola Comp List 3/19 (Nikki) Excel:

Overland Park Comp List 3/19 (Abby) Excel:

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Anonymous said...

Why can I not open the comp list? When I click on the comp list 3/19-3/25 a coupons and deal page pops up?