Saturday, August 23, 2008

NBA's Fugliest

So, I had forgot just how ugly the next ugly NBA player is. In fact, I forgot he existed until Isabel reminded me about him! Thanks Isabel. I even had a hard time finding pictures of him, proving my point. Even his name is ugly- Dirk Nowitzki.


Anonymous said...

Yes he is a ugly man , what about all the other thugs that play in the NBA.

Beth said...

yeah, you can't get much uglier than that. the play basketball good gene and the ugly gene must be one in the same

Jared said...

Dirk is ugly, probably the ugliest. May i add some suggestions (if Isabel can do it, so can I):
charlie villanueva=no eyebrows
sam cassel=biggest head ever
Chris Kaman=i think he cut his hair though.