Friday, May 08, 2009

I have been tagged!

My sister-in-law Beth tagged me to do this! Its kinda fun and you get a glimpse of my mess(es)!

1. The Kitchen Sink

Not too bad. BUT we pile our dirty dished NEXT to the sink so here is the real thing:

2. The Fridge

Notice the serious lack of food. But, lucky for us, we have lots of beverages and condiments!

3. The Toilet

So we have 4 toilets to choose from. This is the one that was closest, so it was the victim. A little dirty, but not too bad.

4. Favorite Shoes

They were cheap and I love them! And they have a very small heel on the back. Perfect!

5. Closet

If I had to choose one word to describe my closet, it would be a tie between "Eeek!" and "overcrowded".

6. Laundry

Again, not too bad, right? Wrong. Its all clean, but not folded or put away yet. I better get busy.

7. Favorite room

The living room. It's where we spend most of our time. And its where Carter has the most fun.

8. What are your kids doing?

Being cheesy for the camera!

9. Self Portrait
Oh thank heaven I was having a good hair day today.
10. Where I'd most like to visit:
I'm not really much of a traveler. I prefer to be at home. I have no real desire to go to Hawaii, or Europe, or Australia or ANYWHERE. I love being at home and around my family. But, if I had to choose one place, it would be to see these kiddo's!
And now I tag YOU!

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Beth said...

I love your post! We would love to see you here in az as well. :)