Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pool is OPEN!!!

It has been REALLY awesome outside this past week! We are talking upper 80's and sunny. Perfect, if you ask me. So yesterday we decided to officially open the Graves Family Pool for the season. (And you will be quite jealous when you see it in all its giant pool glory!) Here is how it went (I will tell you exactly what Carter was thinking, in case you can't read his faces!):

"Wait, what is mom doing out there? And what is she carrying?"

"Oooh, I saw water! And I'm almost nudie, so its gonna be fun!"

"What is this again?"

"This is supposed to be fun?!?"

"Well everyone else is smiling at me, so I guess I'm supposed to be laughing and having fun. I'll try it out."

"Let's see... I can splash..."
"Oh, but I still don't know...."

"Ok, I'm sold! Its fun!"

1 comment:

Beth said...

that is the teeniest pool I"ve ever seen! It's cute, perfect for babies. :)