Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Back (2)

We celebrated the beginning of Carter's birthday week (that's right, we like to spread it out) on Saturday evening. It was Carter's 2nd Birthday bash at Buzzards. It was a ton of fun and sooo nice to have it over with. Now, we just have Thursday to make it through- that is his actual birthday.

About 2 seconds after Carter's party I started feeling terrible. Seriously. I thought I had escaped the cold that has ravaged everyone around me. It had been well over a week since everyone else came down with it, so I should be safe, right? Apparently not.

As for other things going on- we had someone come and look at our house. It was the same old song and dance- great home, clean, nice yard BUT.... Ugh. The dreaded but.

Darek and I have been talking about it pretty much nightly. We have decided that we aren't paying out payment this month. Gasp! I feel so naughty! But happy. There might be an end in sight. I am going to go (hopefully) Friday and get new tires. Slowly, my list of worries is shrinking.

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