Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am in LOVE today. Either it is because it is my birthday or because I just had a baby and have super crazy hormones. No matter the cause, I LOVE it. So, here is a list of what I LOVE today (besides the normal stuff such as my snuggly baby, my son, my husband, my family, etc.)

I LOVE being 27 (ok, I hated the thought of it yesterday, but today its all good)

I LOVE this website. ITS AMAZING! It has how to make pretty much anything you would want to make. The patterns are reasonably priced ($5 ish) which is great and you can download them automatically.

I LOVE Hobby Lobby. That was one of my Birthday requests today. The others are as follows: go to Target, Longhorn for supper, Starbucks for hot chocolate, Peels for a new hair dryer, and a drive around Ottawa to see the Christmas lights.

I LOVE these:

They are SUPER cute rings. I found them super cheap on DON'T LOOK, BETH! There may be one coming your way! :)
I also LOVE this website- it has a lot of free patterns and ideas. Its great! (You will notice that I put buttons of these on the left side of my blog. Thats how much I LOVE them.)
And check out the button on the right for super cute headbands. I saw them when I was visiting nienie's blog today. There was so much cute stuff on there. LOVE.
Ok, that's enough for one day. I hope I didn't smother you with my LOVE :)

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