Friday, June 24, 2011

My life as Em.

Omg. This picture is what I look like today. Seriously. Here's the scoop:

The hair? Pulled back into a messy 'do. Why? Because (this is embarrassing...) I totally realized today that it hasn't been washed since MONDAY. That doesnt embarrass me as much as it did when I realized I haven't washed ME since Monday- now thats embarrassing.

And HOW have I somehow managed to set in my own stench that long??

Basically, I just forgot. Seriously, I FORGOT.

Here's why:
16 weeks of Spanish crammed into just 3.
Potty-training a 3 year old. 'nuff said.
Darek getting injured at work and the subsequent ER trip and stitches. (He is ok! 4 stitches in his finger.)

And I probably have more reasons, but crap, if I forgot to shower do you really think I can remember what I was going to post?!?

I could explain the no make-up and baby food splattered shirt (squash, in case you were wondering), but we are going out to dinner.

Why? Because we survived the week. Quit asking so many questions! :)

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