Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Sometimes you just have to be patient.

I tell my son this a lot.  Today he saw a toy he wanted on a commercial and told me "Mommy, you can just download that right now." If only.  I told him he has to be patient and wait and ask for it for Christmas.

But sometimes I have to be patient, too.  Like right now.

Last night I had a job interview.  It was for a very part time job as the city treasurer in Quenemo.  Unfortunately, I did not get it.  There were four of us that got interviewed and we were all pretty much over-qualified for the job.  They said they were surprised people with our amount of education/experience applied for this job.  It would have been a good one but maybe I didn't get it for a reason.

I have another phone interview this week for a different job.  Maybe I will get that one!  I will just have to be patient and see. But it's hard. Especially when the four of us share one bedroom.  I want to start dreaming of  a house, a space of our own.  And SEPARATE bedrooms.


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