Saturday, September 24, 2011

This is how I feel today

(Don't worry- she is fine. She just wasn't getting her breakfast fast enough.)

Today I feel like having some wine time.  Wait. No.  WHINE time.

Maybe wine wouldn't be so bad either.  I usually try not to complain too much about stuff.  I try to see the positive, blah blah blah.  Today I am just not feeling that. I just want to be a grouch.

My neck hurts really bad. I have been (not) sleeping on it wrong.  The whole 2 minutes of sleep I get at night are apparently the wrong way and so I can barely move my neck.  I will probably visit a chiropractor soon.

Why do I only get 2 minutes of sleep? Because I have 2 extra teeny bodies in my bed every night.  But they don't seem so teeny when they are taking up half the bed.  And when I am getting kicked in the face/stomach/etc.

The kids are driving me nuts today.  (And just so you know, it is only 7:42am)

I am sure there is more to whine about but I have to go get ready. We are going to a parade.  And it better not rain.

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