Saturday, April 07, 2012

A Lesson Learned

My husband and I were in the market for new cellular devices.  I could feel a migraine looming: 3G or 4G? Contract or no contract? And our upgrade will cost how much??

After researching phones online and reading reviews, Darek found the phone he wanted. And so did I. However, the one I wanted was going to be $299 (eek!).

We went to T-Mobile and got Darek's phone upgraded and changed our plan some.  Just like that we were bound to another 2 year contract.

Darek's phone came to $180 but with a $50 mail-in rebate.  He needed a cheap car charger so we made our way to Walmart.  It was there that I, the self-proclaimed Price Comp Queen, learned my lesson. ALWAYS CHECK PRICES BEFORE YOU MAKE PURCHASES!!

The phone that I wanted from the T-Mobile store ($299, remember?) was there, staring at me. For a portion of the price.  And by a portion I mean HALF.  It was $148.99.  So I bought it.

And remember Darek's new phone? The $180-but-really-$130-after-the-rebate one? It was there, alright. For $28.88.

The moral of the story- please, oh please shop around when purchasing a new cell phone. The direct dealers will not always have the best price.

And my father-in-law may have nailed it when talking to the lady helping me at Walmart- I saved enough today that maybe I can afford pants without holes in them.

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