Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh, You Know.

 (This is what happens to our house while I do the Comp list!! Eeeek!)

I wanted to just do a quick post because I am quite proud of myself.  

I am constantly finding new things to comp.  Tonight, I comp'd my textbooks for the next semester.

I currently go to Emporia State University so I usually just by my books from their bookstore.  I prefer to buy used because they are quite a bit cheaper.  I had all of the books in my "cart" on their website and the total came to $250 for my books for this summer semester.  Not too bad, really.

But then I wanted to see if I could get them any cheaper.  I went to Barnes and Noble's website for textbooks, figuring the prices would about be the same.  And they were.  Until I looked a little closer.  When you search for your textbook (which is easiest to do by the ISBN #- just click on "advanced search") it will give you the price from Barnes and Noble but also the price from other retailers that you can actually buy from through B & N's website.  When your textbook shows up, click on the picture of it.  It will take you to a screen similar to this:

The top one shows the price from B&N.  The second one gives the option of prices from other textbook sellers.  Just click on "See All Prices" and it will list all of the prices found:

It also shows the condition of the books being sold.  There is a shipping charge for the books- usually $3.99 from each different seller.  But, consider that this same book was listed on the bookstore's website for $52.45 I am still saving about $10.00! 

I did this for each book and my grand total which included shipping and everything came to $142.58.  I saved just over $100!

Anyway, if you know of any college students or have children that will soon be in college please take my advice and shop around for those textbooks!

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