Friday, September 07, 2012

Guest Post: The Magic of Coupons

Hello! In the following article, Karen continues her guest posts by sharing her money saving tips using coupons:

The Magic of Coupons…

Lots of stores offer you a reason to shop at “their” store, and some of those reasons are worth it!  CVS has a program you can earn Extra Bucks Rewards (EBR) aka MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!!  CVS also has a store card, and I recommend you scan it at the kiosk near the front of the store when you walk in.  They offer you coupons, some advertised, some not, for your shopping trip.  I have gotten some great deals just by paying attention to the store coupons and manufacture coupons with me. 

Last week I was at CVS, and they had lots of great EBR offers.  So I planned my list, stocked up on some great sale items, added manufacturer coupons with those offers to make them even better deals.  In my first transaction I put all the items that would give me EBR’s.  At the end of that transaction, I had $20 in EBR’s to apply to my next transaction!!!  In fact, I was getting such good deals, I even had to search out a few more items in the store to be able to use all my EBR’s!  (I could have saved them for my next trip because they’re good for 2 weeks, but I don’t make it to CVS that often, so I prefer to do 2 transactions and use them immediately vs. have them expire.)

One of my exciting deals I found, was a $4 off allergy medicine store coupon that printed out at the kiosk.  Children’s Benadryl just happen to be on sale for $4.99, and I happened to have a $1 off Benadryl manufacturer coupon with me.  I don’t know if you added that up, but I got FREE Benadryl!!!  And for my kiddo that has allergies, that is a necessity!

Saving money can be super easy and super fun!!!  Thinking outside the box, and incorporating a few new habits into your life can save you lots of money. 

Learn what programs are out there, and how you can benefit from them!  Happy Shopping!!!

Thank you, Karen!

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