Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Price Comps 12/19-12/25

Hello everyone!

I haven't been writing much lately because things have been so crazy but I figured I would take a few extra minutes today and share some of my favorite tips.  I know that the list has grown quite a bit since the last time I shared these so hopefully they will help some people out!

I think I will first share my very favorite tip- garage sale stickers.  On one of your trips to the store, purchase a package of them- they are only like $1.00! Then, the next time you are in Walmart and are price comping your groceries, use them.  Find the item you are wanting to purchase, write the price on the garage sale sticker and stick it right to that item.  It will help both you AND the cashier when you are checking out! I have 2 little ones and they are usually having a meltdown right a checkout time so I can now try to keep them happy rather than try to keep track of the comp prices.

Another important tip- know Walmart's policy on price comping.  I always attach it to the email each week and knowing it can really help you out.  Once in a while you may be told you are wrong for one thing or another so knowing your policy will help if you have to argue.  

One last thing- check to see if your store matches store brand items before you shop.  If they do then great! Load up on the great deals.  If not, then it's unfortunate but pretty common.  It is in Walmart's policy that they do not match private brand labels but some stores are nice enough to allow it (only about 1/4 of the stores allow it still).  It is also subject to change- one store may allow it for a while and then change their policy without any notice.

I am also attaching a new document that tells you where the stores that I look up are located.  If they are out of your Walmart's price matching radius (you can look at the other document I have attached- What are the comp rules at my store?) then you might see if they have a location closer to you!  Many of the stores have several locations around the state.


PS: One more quick thing... As I was looking up the ads this week I noticed the Checkers ad was a bit different.  They have a monthly and a weekly ad.  If you click on the monthly ad, down at the bottom right hand corner it says "If you see a lower locally advertised price, bring the ad in and Checkers will match it."  I plan on calling and seeing what their policy is! But it is great that more stores are willing to ad match!



Moon's (12/19-12/25):
Checkers (12/19-12/24):

Thriftway (12/19-12/24): Ad was not up when I made the list this week!

Baldwin City Market (12/19-12/24):


Save-a-lot: No ad was on their site!


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