Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Comp List 12/05-12/11

Hello again, everyone! 

I don't have too much to say this morning, other than putting out a quick reminder about the different ways you can access this list.  You can always get it from my blog ( - I try to put it on there pretty early (before noon).  I have also decided to start putting it on Facebook so if you are on there frequently that will be another option for you! You can "friend" me by clicking here: and adding me as a friend.  If the list is going to be late I will post it on there! 

I do want to update you on my 'project'.  I have had some people asking me about it so I thought I would let you know what I have done so far!  I started this comp list before I went back to school at Emporia State (so yes, I will continue it after I graduate!).  But in order to graduate, I had to complete a Capstone Project over any topic that I choose- the only guidelines were that it had to incorporate information from more than one discipline and that it had to be around 50 pages.  I chose to do the project over the comp list- which incorporates Economics and Sociology. So, as many of you know, I sent out a survey to get information for my project.  I received around 755 responses!  Since then, I have finished my rough draft and am about to turn in my final draft.  It ended up being 75 pages! If I earn a "C" or above then I will be graduating from Emporia State University with my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies on December 15th (which also happens to be my Birthday- what a good Birthday present, huh??).  So that is my update on that! If I am feeling brave enough I might post a link to my paper here on my blog that way anyone who is interested can take a quick look at it. :)

Anyway, Happy Shopping!



Moon's (12/05-12/11):

Checkers (12/05-12/11):

Baldwin City Market (12/05-12/11):


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