Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Price Comps 11/28-12/04

Hello again, everyone! 

I can't believe that it is almost December.  November flew by!  Anyway, I keep trying to think of ways to get the list out faster to people who need it early.  You can always get it from my blog ( - I try to put it on there pretty early (before noon).  I have also decided to start putting it on Facebook so if you are on there frequently that will be another option for you! You can "friend" me by clicking here: and adding me as a friend.  If the list is going to be late (which was the case last time- I had a sick little one I had to take to the ER) I will post it on there! Wednesday mornings I will share a link to the comp list on there.  I hope with these additional options that you can get the list as soon as you need it! The program sends the emails out as fast as it can but with 3,700 it takes a little over 24 hours to send them all out.  So if you are not able to get the list off of either of these other sites then please be patient and you will get it via email! But please keep in mind it may take over 24 hours to get it.

I also have a lot of people ask about comping store brand items.  I have called many of the area stores to ask what their policies are and I put them on a list that I always attach to this email.  (It is titled 'What are the comp rules at my store?').  Things on that are subject to change at the store manager's discretion but they are accurate so far that I know! If I find out that anything changes, I will correct it on there and it will show the correct policies the following week so please check before you shop if you are wanting to buy store brand items!

One more thing- don't forget to stop in at 1402 South Main (It's the new Medical Arts Building- used to be Lawrence Cancer Center) to get your free gift with the coupon from the ad below! You don't have to buy anything or listen to any pitch or whatever, just stop in, say "hi" to Rose and hand her the coupon! 

Happy shopping!

Comp List 11/28-12/04 (PDF Version)
Comp List 11/28-12/04 (Excel Version)
Ad Match Guarantee
What are the comp rules at my store?


Moon's (11/28-12/04):
Checkers (11/28-12/04):
Baldwin City Market (11/28-12/04):


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