Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Comps for the week of 11/07-11/13

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Halloween last week.

I wanted to let you in on a deal that I received in my email this week.  I hope the photo below will work!

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If you cannot see this photo I will fill you in.  It is from JC Penney's and they are doing FREE family photos the whole month of November.  You get free sitting fees, a free 8x10 and a free digital copy emailed to you.  I thought this was a GREAT deal so I figured I would share it!  (You have to schedule an appointment to have it done!)

Also, please pay attention to the ads at the end of the comp list this week.  There are some new ones on there. And please help us welcome a new business to Ottawa (details in the ads section)!  **THERE IS A CORRECTION TO ONE OF THE ADS- Hand Me Up'z is located at 1134 North main NOT 1113 north main.  

~ Emily Graves



Moon's (11/07-11/13):


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Anonymous said...

Thought I would share my discovery this weekend. Since fresh pineapple was on price match for $1, I decided to dry some and can some for later this winter (my family LOVES dried fruit). I originally got 16 and then while trying to decide if I should do more an idea struck me. When you buy a large piece of meat usually the meat dept will cut it for you for free, so I wondered if the same rule applied to the produce dept. IT DOES!

I called ahead to two different Wal-Marts (Emporia and Ottawa). Both were more than happy to core and peel the pineapple for me for free, full well knowing I was going to price match them. Emporia doesn't have a machine and offered to do them by hand, Ottawa has a machine. I ordered 20 from the Ottawa store and they had them ready within the hour. All I had to do was bring them home and cut them up however I wanted them. They did the hard part, FOR FREE!

~ Kristy :)