Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comp List 4/17-4/23 AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!

Ok, people.  I NEED YOUR HELP!

On a whim, I entered a contest put on by All You Magazine.  I didn't expect anything to happen.  In fact, I kind of forgot about it.  But then, hello! I've been selected as one of 8 finalists throughout the country! Here's where YOU come in... Please, oh please, vote for me! Voting lasts from April 15th to May 24th and you can vote daily.  Now, as if it isn't cool enough just to vote for me everyday, you will also be entered into giveaways from All You just by voting!  Here are the details:

Step 2.  Make sure that you are indeed looking at me, Emily Graves. Haha.  Then click "Vote" below the super embarrassing video that I made...

Step 3.  Enter in your email address on the page that opens. Make sure my name is selected, un-check the box under the Newsletter part if you don't want daily messages from them.  Then select "No thanks, I don't want to subscribe...." unless you DO want to, then by all means, subscribe away.  Enter in the stupid little "CAPTCHA" words that you can never read then SUBMIT!!  (You will get a confirmation email later on, just click on the link in it to confirm your vote.  If you don't, your vote won't count!!  You should only have to do this once, I think.  Maybe.  Who knows.)

Step 4.  Pat yourself on the back.

Step 5. Repeat tomorrow. And the next day.  And the day after that.  Don't stop that until May 24th!  Then go get a massage because you damaged your mouse-clicking finger by voting for me so many times.

If I win, I get to be in All You Magazine and get $1,000! So please help me!!  I will be putting this info on here each week JUST IN CASE YOU FORGET.  But seriously.  Don't forget.

Ok, moving on.  Here are the winners for the giveaways for this week:  Alyssa Folsom won the $25 gift certificate to Sugar Pete Gift Boutique in Lyndon, KS and Johanna Harris won the It Works! Wrap! Congrats!  Don't forget to enter this weeks drawings.  Once again, here are the rules:

Each week, I will post one or two ads in the regular ad section (at the end of the comp list).  These special ads will have a little sign on them that says "Email "(a code word)" to to enter".  The code word is located on the ad.  Just email that key word to me (put it in the subject line) and you will be entered! The item in the giveaway will be something from the business that the ad is for but you have to enter to find out what it is!  There are some GREAT items!  If there is more than one giveaway you want to enter for that week, you MUST send me separate emails for the different items.  Please only enter one time for each drawing.  I will try to respond to each entry so you know I got it!  I think I will also post some of the special ads on my blog randomly throughout the month so check there to see if there are any current giveaways on there!  These may or may not be "flash" giveaways that only last a day or two so keep checking. Winners will be announced in the comp list on Wednesdays!

The Giveaways for this week will end on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:00pm.  And just a tip- there are THREE giveaways going on this week! That's right- I've lost my mind.  (But more incentive to vote for me??!)

And for those of you who have questions about couponing... There is a class coming up to help answer your questions and teach you the tricks! Here is the info:

Smart Shopping Coupon Class
April 23rd
7 pm
Ottawa Retirement Village Community Room (by the Gazebo behind the mailboxes)
Class will be FREE, bring a pen, paper and friend

One more thing: 

Did you remember to vote today?? Haha. Just kidding. (Not really.).  Really.

Happy Shopping!



Moons (4/17-4/23):

Baldwin City Market (4/17-4/23):



Marigene said...

Thanks for all the hard work you do each week, Emily.
I will be voting for you each day!

Anonymous said...

When is the voting over? I voted each day but I can't see who is ahead anymore. GOOD LUCK!