Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comp List 4/24-4/30 (And don't forget to vote!!)

Hello, everyone!  It's that time of week once again! Time to see what kind of deals you are going to score this week.  But first things first:

*All You Magazine's "America's Smartest Shopper" contest is still going on until May 24th at 11:59 pm.   I am one of 8 finalists and I REALLY want to win! If I win, I get $1,000 dollars and get to be in the magazine.  So here is where YOU come in: 

Step 2.  Click "Vote" below the super embarrassing video that I made... 
Step 3. Enter in your email address on the page that opens. Make sure my name is selected, un-check the box under the Newsletter part if you don't want daily messages from them.  Then select "No thanks, I don't want to subscribe...." unless you DO want to, then by all means, subscribe away.  Enter in the stupid "CAPTCHA" words that you can never read then SUBMIT!!  (You will get a confirmation email later on, just click on the link in it to confirm your vote.  If you don't, your vote won't count!!  You should only have to do this once, I think.)
Step 4.  Do a Happy Dance since you just helped me out!
Step 5. Repeat tomorrow. And the next day.  And the day after that.  Don't stop that until May 24th!

Next on the agenda: Winners for the drawings for this week.  Sara Cunningham won the awesome prize donated by Gerson! Katie Sobba won the $10 Walmart gift card and Sharie Hohn, Sandi Ferguson and Heidi Lewis each won one of the "Whatever Cases" that were donated by Deb Savage!  Congrats, ladies!  For anyone new to the list, here are the guidelines for entering the drawings: 

Each week, I will post one or two ads in the regular ad section (at the end of the comp list).  These special ads will have a little sign on them that says "Email "(a code word)" to to enter".  The code word is located on the ad.  Just email that key word to me (put it in the subject line) and you will be entered! The item in the giveaway will be something from the business that the ad is for but you have to enter to find out what it is!  There are some GREAT items!  If there is more than one giveaway you want to enter for that week, you MUST send me separate emails for the different items.  Please only enter one time for each drawing.  I will try to respond to each entry so you know I got it!  I think I will also post some of the special ads on my blog randomly throughout the month so check there to see if there are any current giveaways on there!  These may or may not be "flash" giveaways that only last a day or two so keep checking. Winners will be announced in the comp list on Wednesdays!

The Giveaways for this week will end on Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00pm so be sure to enter before then! There are three giveaways going this week but you are only going to find 2 of them on the list.  What about the 3rd one, you might be asking? Here is the code for that one: "Scarf".  Just email me that and I will enter you! One of the subscribers donated a beautiful blue handmade scarf and with this weather you might just need it before Summer gets here!  Good Luck!

I have also attached a few coupons this week- you shouldn't need them to get the comp prices but I have attached them just in case!  One of the deals was for pop from Hyvee- the other was for some deals from Moon's.  Again, I don't think you will need these but I wanted to be safe.

Don't forget to VOTE!!

*** Don't forget to vote for me to win the "America's Smartest Shopper" contest from All You Magazine! You can vote daily through May 24th at


Hyvee (4/24-4/30):

Moons (4/24-4/30):

Baldwin City Market (4/24-4/30):


Dollar General (): No New ad was listed



Marigene said...

Thanks for posting the comp list each week, Emily!

Cathy said...

You are awesome! Thanks for helping us save money!

Robyn Anderson said...

I did not get a comp list this week by e-mail.My e-mail is you.